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This entry is a co-winner of the 1st prize for the creative writing contest 'Me, a box'.
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    The Fate of a Sweets Box

    I am a Sweets Box and I can be found in any seasons, be it any festivals, occasions, family rituals, in mood of happiness or at any happy moments. Here, I am going to tell a story of Me, a Sweets Box. One fine day, I as a sweets box was sitting in a luxurious air-conditioned shop with hundreds of other companions.

    My packing was done with a lot of love. First, I was wrapped with a golden sheet of paper. On it a bead of pearls was pasted with a glue. The pink flowers made from the cutout of clothes were enhancing my beauty more. In my four corners, kaju katli, gulab jamuun, motichoor ke laddu and mawa barfi were placed and decorated well. I don't get screwed, so a red silk thread was tied onto me.

    With all the make-ups, I found myself to be a shy bride. A hoarse voice broke my sweets dream. A man who was in his fifties, with a big stomach said, "I need these 51 golden sweets boxes in my office."

    We were all separated in the office. Everyone greeted goodbye to each other. Everyone knew this was their last greeting. And I walked with my master. As soon as I reached home, the children of the house started Mahabharata. They ruthlessly opened my red silk thread and threw apart coupled with snatching and grabbing. This reminded me the story of Dushasan and Draupadi. Thankfully, the mother in disguise of Lord Krishna came and saved my life. Everyone wanted kaju katli and that very moment, they emptied it. Now, I was not attracting any of them. My remaining dessert was of no use to them. I was also placed in one corner with one and two other sad boxes.

    In the evening, we got our attention. There was a proposal to take us by the housemaid. To whom the children strongly denied so, she took the mewa with her. We were again thrown in the same corner.

    Just do not ask how much struggle I did to save myself that night. The rats tried to make me bits and pieces, sometimes the cockroaches quipped on me, sometimes the mosquitoes settled on me and started settling down their own domestic disputes. I did not rest even a moment.

    Somehow, the dawn happened after a lot of struggle. Then the beautiful mistress of the house kept me on the table. She then cautiously looked at me, turning me up and down, she then filled my empty corner with a very worthless dessert, she then tied the red silk thread so tightly, that I felt my life would soon be ended. She then kept me in the motor car and gave it to one of her friends.

    The site was completely different there. I thought that I will get some respect in the new house, but when I went there, I became a victim of "Inferiority Complex". All other sweets boxes were bright, shiny and bigger than I was.

    After all, I got one full night to rest. This time, I got myself in the refrigerator. As soon as the dawn happened, I was handed over to the luxurious motorists. In just a few minutes, I was completely empty. The wheels of a luxurious car crushed me down. The red silk thread was tied by a driver in his hand. The pearl beads were scattered here and there, the pink flowers were seen in the mud and they looked at me with a very ugly face. The next morning, the sweeper crushed me hard with his hard hands and put me in the garbage box. My life thus, ended here.

    This is an entry to the Me, a box creative writing story contest
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    An excellent story depicting the life-cycle of a box containing sweetmeats. Ultimately the centre of attraction, the box, was destryoed and thrown to the garbage bin. I liked it! A strong contender for the award.
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    The journey of sweet box from its birth to the last day of its life was well narrated and some times I feel our life is also in that line because as longs as we have the ability and talent we are respected and then discarded.
    K Mohan
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    A very good story. The value of the box is with sweets inside but not by itself. Similarly many people respect us as long as we are in power. Once we are out from there nobody give you that much importance.

    Nowadays many children are not caring for their parents. They have swallowed all the sweets and made them empty. They don't bother about them now. My sincerely request is please take care of old parents. Don't throw them on the road like empty sweet packing boxes.

    I wish Mr.sahu, all the best for the competition.

    always confident

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