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    Why people troll in internet sites?

    In internet world whether Facebook or any news websites trolling is rampant, we can see many comments such as name calling, personal attack, using bad words, sexual harassment etc.

    Did the troll mean to hurt others or trying to express different viewpoints?

    What is your opinion?

    Understand, many websites started resorting to remove the comments completely.
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    Yes on Internet trolling has become rampant and on a single subject or a matter, personal attack starts and some creative minds use graphics and other effects to their images and thus the issue goes from bad to worse when handled by different persons. I blame the electronic media for instigating a issue and wants wider participation from the viewers through internet and thus those who are free and active on internet make the issue famous within few minutes and the items or issue becomes viral. More personal attacks, maligning politicians, and above all those who are against the law are being targeted hugely. For many internet has become a fun place to start a jibe and that continues with sharing and adding comments. There must be regulatory authority for the comments and images appearing on internet so that some decency and decorum is maintained.
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    My view is totally different in this regard. Earier days, the so-called opinion-makers could write, could speak whatever they wanted. they could give prominence to some news, some news which didn't fulfill their dubious agenda, were totally neglected. People who were oppose to their dubious, anti-national ideologies, didn't find space to register their protests. Even now these so-called intellectuals try to play the same game in social media also. But people now get more information from ifferent sources, and in social media, they find space to register their protests, occasionally in a sarcastic manner. These protest are called 'trolling' by these so-called intellectuals and opinion-makers, who are slowly but surely losing their relevance in the age of social media.
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    Hmm, are you against trolling or cyber-bullying? Because both are way too different. A troll is kind of a roast. Trying to exaggerate a celebrity's flaw. But cyber-bullying can be done to anyone. Everyone from a common citizen to the prime minister can be a victim.
    There aren't any abusive words in trolling in common. It's mostly exaggerate and offending, that's all.
    But cyber-bullying on the other hand is harassment.
    I stand for trolling, because it's funny. I'm strictly against cyber-bullying because it's horrendous and ridiculous.

    Cyber-bullies are just spineless cowards who commit cruel acts just because they have internet. But don't worry, Facebook is very efficient in classifying and apprehending cyber-bullies.

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    My view on trolling is I see it as funny. It is usual for people to make fun of something that they find amusing. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone personally I think it is completely fine. Trolling is done just for time passing and to exaggerate a point or sometimes to stress a problem in a funny way. But I don't see it as cyber bullying and I don't encourage any form of cyber bullying.

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    Trolling is a common feature on social media. I see many on facebook. When the opinion on particular matter differs, the comments of other person will appear as troll to us. I will not take this as offensive or serious. Sometimes we laugh at it. It is not going to make any difference for us. There is no rule that everybody has to go with us. Sometimes we can ignore them also.

    Trolling is different from cyber bullying. No one should encourage or accept any type of cyber bullying

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