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    College life : a practical teacher

    College life is an amazing period in everybody's life. Full of enthusiasm, new ideas, new hopes, dreams of a great future are feelings with which we enter the college life. At the threshold we are hesitant but once we step in we feel as if somebody has given us wings and we want to fly high as if sky is the limit. From here begins a new phase of life. Actions which prepare the base for a great future and experiences which prepare us for life form the base of college life.
    I had an amazing college life. I learnt a lot, some good and some bad experiences I had but together they made me what I am today. I earned immense confidence. So basically my college life taught me what no school could teach.
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    Rashmi Verma you are absolutely right. College life is different and it actually gives a push up to our aspirations and expectations amid freedom and enjoyment to the core. In school life we are under constant vigil under the teacher for the tasks uncompleted. But in college it is left to the student and they themselves realize that in front of other fellow students they should not be maligned by lecturer and thus have their self responsibility developed. A student becomes more refined in talking, behaving and above all his movement in social circle would also change. And if you have a peer group in the college and if that friendship sustains even in higher studies, surely your life would be fetching and decided. Because every one who settles first in life would certainly show a way for others and thus containment in achieving something is surely possible.
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    Although my college life was not as interesting as my school life, I do know that college provides a different kind of enviornment. Students have to balance their new-found independence with study, their primary purpose. Those who can balance, survive. Those who can't, perish.
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    School life goes in a different way. We will be under the watch of parents and teachers. We will have a fear. We may not be fully aware of the importance of education. The teachers has to taught us in such a way that we will understand how important it is in our life. We will go to junior college for our intermediate. These two years are very crucial for deciding our way in future. Here also parents and lecturers should have a constant watch so that students will not get distracted .

    But once you enter the college, you who have learn for you. You should have a clear understanding of you future plan. One should not misuse the freedom at this stage. We should pay good attention to our studies. Then only we will be having a good future.

    College life is very crucial. Enjoy the studies, you will be on top.

    always confident

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