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    By virtue of your ability you may reach top. But your character keep you there.

    Normally not every one gets to the top. It takes lots of hard work , planning and above all the zeal to perform and reach the top. Once the top position is reached , now the person has to face hostility from his critics and detractors. But seldom people realize that it is the pure ability of a person which matters to perform and reach the zenith of success. And that position of high recognition can be sustained only with good character of that person. That means one should not go head strong or get over confident over achievement as down fall is iminent with rough character.
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    Mr. Mohan: I can't fully agree. Your character gives you ability. A person whom nobody trusts (because of his/her personal character) can never prove his/her ability. So he/she can never be successful in life. Character of a person develops the ability in that person.
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    One needs to be down to earth even after achieving all the success. It is true that whatever rises comes back to the ground as well. However, you need to handle this downfall very cleverly. Not everyday is going to be the same. Also, your bad phases won't stay for long because change is consistent too. So yeah, never change hold that ego of achieving heights. That is why it is said that "Change is inevitable and growth is optional!"
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    Hi, Mohan. Interacting on ISC after a long time, may be more than five years now. I am glad you are still rocking. This is your hard work which has kept you afloat for many years. I think it is a combination of both ability and character which propels a person to excel and maintain it for years. And you have both.

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    As said by Dr.Roy, a combination of ability and character will help a person to excel and maintain. Hard work is required for anyone to go on to the top position in their profession. But your way of working and your relationship with others in the organisation will keep you there long. There should not be any ego and you should be down to earth to win the confidence of people.

    There will be always competition and you have to excel in your work to be on the top. A good planning, punctuality and ability to take the people with you are the keys for one's success.

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    Shukla I am overwhelmed with your presence again. Normally people slip from the top place after having accomplished the task and my observance was made in that context. But your views well said.
    K Mohan
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    It is tough to reach on top but it is tougher to maintain the position. I totally agree. Top position is only one and definitely the most deserving individual reaches there. Without ability or talent you cannot reach there but along with talent passion and hard work is equally important. Once you reach the zenith you have to work harder to maintain that. Here your character is tested. Being passionate to achieve the top position along with ability can be compared to a waterfall who knows where it has to go but once it reaches its destination it has to be quiet and grave like a river who is bound by two boundaries. This can only be achieved if you are a man of character. Because it is your character that provides you with inner strength to handle different situations calmly and emerge as a winner.

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