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    Cooler box; The Shield of honor.

    "No, please don't make me go. I have got to serve my purpose. I don't want to be a worthless empty box which has done nothing." I screamed, but the operator couldn't hear me and I was thrown out to the garbage dump. I was being taken away from where I belonged. I was a summer cooler box, a spacious one, who would take care of the cooler like a mother in whole the journey and would let it transfer safely in the hands of his owner. So he could get them fresh and cool air and hence could serve his purpose. I had got to serve mine to become the shield of the cooler, to tell the world about its features which were aesthetically printed on me and that what was expected from me as my purpose but I did all wrong.
    As far as I could remember, right from a little page to being the big cardboard box, the only thing I was told that I was meant to be the shield, the box of the cooler. So that the humans would get the cooler easily and so in the perfect condition and this was all I had been awaiting to carry the cooler under me. And the day came when I were to be appointed as the shield of honor. The moment I saw the dashing cooler coming towards me directed by the operator I was being overwhelmed. The operator brought the cooler and I was more than ready to embrace him. The cooler saw me and blinked at me and asked how I was feeling. I smiled at him graciously and told him that my destiny was about to get fulfilled.
    "What you think might not be your destiny, brother" he said under an experienced smile.
    I got puzzled for a moment but my hyper activeness was strong enough to bring my attention back to my excitement. The workman having tape-rolls and cutter came to me and started checking me. He picked me up to have the three-sixty-degree view and after the inspection he said okay. Hearing that word was like being a stride away to kiss the ribbon of a hundred meter sprint and to embrace the winsome applause from all over the globe. I couldn't believe that I was so near my purpose. " Last check" said the operator near the cooler and switched on the cooler. Instantly under the subtle and powerful air blow I was lofted from my base towards the tape-roll guy and was struck with something sharp, his cutter. I was pierced with a clean cut distorting the company's name printed on me.
    "This is of no use now. It has to be thrown away." said the operator.
    The cooler apologized but I couldn't respond and the operator picked me up and ostracized me.
    "I have to serve my purpose." I screamed repeatedly but I was thrown to the garbage dump. I cried the whole day out of my chagrin and got asleep when I had no more energy left to weep.
    The next morning sun rays woke me up and I felt something palpable inside me. I looked inside me and I saw a bird checking me out.
    "What are you doing here?" I asked. "I am searching for home" she replied.
    "I am a loser, of no use. Go away" I said.
    "Don't say that. You can be my shield under the weather and make me feel cool under such torturous heat."
    Those words from her completed my last stride to kiss the ribbon and I could feel the applause already because I knew that what I thought was not my destiny, it was indeed something else. It was to be the shield as well as the cooler.
    'So what would you say?" asked the bird.
    "Get ready. You are about to get the shield of honor."
    This is my entry for the creative story writing competition.
    This entry is co-winner of the 1st prize for 'Me, a box' creative writing contest.
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    The journey of summer cooler box was well mentioned and the author made nice content out of it. This once again proves that we should not discard anything which is useful in future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Gagan described the journey of a cooler box and narrated the journey in a attractive way.Nothing is a waste here.Everything is useful one day or other. But unfortunately it is very difficult to preserve everything for long. But when the need comes we may repentant for not keeping the item.
    I don't know whether it is for contest or not. The same has not been mentioned here. I wish all the best to him.

    always confident

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