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    Where has our patriotism gone nowadays?

    Once Dr.Radhakrishnan was asked by Mysore College Students that why he didn't go to foreign countries for obtaining degree. Dr.Radhakrishnan replied,'I have not gone foreign countries as student but will go there for teaching them'. Accordingly, he gave lectures in American and European countries later. This revealed his love on our country.

    Similarly once Mr.K.Kamaraj, Ex Chief Minister of Tamilnadu was approached by Government offcials seeking permission to send our architects to foreign countries to study about the architecture. Kamaraj told them,'Have you ever seen Madurai Tanjore Temples? To have such wonderful architecture, where have they gone? First of all study our own architecture well as they got wonderful technologies, then we can discuss about American and London Trip. This reveals his patriotism.

    But nowadays our Indians are planning and doing every attempt to go to foreign countries by abandoning our own country. Where our patriotism has gone? Many of our entrepreneurs just trying to insist many foreign technologies by ignoring all our technologies as conservative and useless. Their talk itself even won't be in Indian Style.
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    A very good dig at the present day politician by the author citing good behavior of some seasoned politicians who can never be matched nor aped. Time and again we hear that in the name of study tour about traffic or on education system, Parliamentarians, MLA's goes for jaunt which serves no purpose as they shop , enjoy and come with no concrete proposal. Such tours are boredom to the countries being hosted, and heavy to the Exchequer. Former Prime Minister Gulzarilal Nanda lived a normal living like a middle class person even after retiring from politics and discarding all the government benefits.
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    This is true. All the people want their children to go and earn money there.Like Dr.Radhakrishnan many are going to teach subjects to other countries. The difference is Dr.Radhakrishna gone there occasionally as a Guest Professor, but never settled there. But now everybody wants to go there and earn money.

    We know many weapons were used by Rama, Krishna, Arjuna etc in wars. They are all like our missiles. But now a days we are importing technology or items for defence from other countries. This indicates that we have not learned from our forefathers. Other countries are learning sanskrit and taking out all technologies from Vedas. But we go for english and we are importing technology from there. Indirectly we are purchasing our own technology.

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