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This entry wins the 3rd prize for 'Me, a box' creative writing contest.
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    I take the heat to make you appear cool; Me, an iron box pressing clothes

    Life is like that sometimes. One's pain becomes another's pleasure. In the Hindi movie 'Mere Naam Joker the joker makes audience laugh even when he is crying inside with pain on personal lossThe same is in my case also. It is burning ins me literally. But that heat only helps you keep yourself with a cool look.

    I am, an iron box destined to be like that.

    It is objects like me (an iron-box) who really practice the teachings of Bhagavat Gita- do your duty without any concern for reward. Yes, I admit the diesel engine and train locomotive are also like me. But they are all provided with a cooling radiator which gives some relief, but not me. For me it is bearing the heat only.

    You may wonder how I claim to be a box, when no one uses me for storing anything. For that you have to know the basic features of a box and my own history and origin.
    Originally, I was made of metal iron and was a small box with a lid and handle, and a small hook to fasten the lid.

    People keep the coal, charcoal and wood , the fuels they use to fire and make heat. Just like the older day student who is prompted to do assignments or study well, when his bottom gets heated by the cane blow or pinching the teacher gives, I also get ready for my duty when my bottom side gets heated. Though I stand by name iron-box my new generation cousins have different names and many of them have disowned the 'box' part. So they are now known as Clothes iron, steam iron, spray iron, electric ion etc. I am not happy in that.

    In Indian languages, they call me as 'Theyppu petti', 'Salavai Petti', Isthiri peti etc. where the 'petti' or' peti' means box.

    Some of my family members are made in brass also. It my weight and heat that matters in pressing clothes to its shrink free stiffness. I am most needed for the uniform clothes. The old time Congress party members loved me and kept me in their homes as I was the one who made the white Khadi shirts and Dhotis really elegant looking on their bodies. No one can think of white Khadi shirts and dhoti without my effect on them.

    My work is so well appreciated that there is a phrase in English usage as 'ironing out the difference'. They know I can straighten any differently curved ideas and minds.

    I know that many of you who are reading this autobiography may not have seen me. You all may be giving your clothes to the laundry. In modern laundries, only when the power supply goes they take my help. As in any other matters it is the loyal and sincere villagers and old timers who take my help always.

    In Kerala and the coastal areas mostly the coconut shells are used to fire and heat the iron box (who, but me) as it is available easily. Nowadays readymade charcoal pieces are available and it is easy for the user as well as me, because it takes less time to get fully heated and I also suffer less.
    My importance lies in the fact that there is no machine invented tl now which irons clothes automatically.

    I feel that I may have to retreat to a museum and my cousins will be more popular. I will be not be feeling the heat anymore. Till then I will continue to take the heat to make you all look freshly ironed out. When you see me next time or visit me at the museum, if that is my fate, please remember my story of sacrifice and selfless service.

    Thank you for patiently reading my story,

    With a burning heart, with all 'warm greetings'
    Yours iron-box
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    The heading itself very catchy and understanding and the author maintained the right pitch in conveying the importance of Iron box which is the must to press the clothes to look elegant.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Iron box is very important for all of us. We have to use always ironed clothes only. So the service it is doing is very good. That box providing a way of life to many families in the cities too. A father or a mother struggling for bringing up their children and bearing all the heat for that in middle class families can be compared to this iron box.

    Title is very nice

    always confident

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    The author has presented this day to day utility item in this story in a very nice manner.

    Taking heat for straightening things for other - the underneath message is also loud and clear.

    Knowledge is power.

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