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    You need not be a topper nor bad performer. Just be a average.

    I was watching a parent advising his child not to get lowered for not scoring good marks in the recently held exam. He made a simple advise which was very interesting. " You need not be a topper, but you should not be a bad performer, and at the same time I want you to maintain the as average rank achiever ".. I think the father has gave his best advise to the child. Given the competition some children are unable to strive and thus remain to be average performer and that itself a achievement. What do you say ?
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    Yes. It is true that the parents expectations on their children should be based on the capabilities of their children. Every child can't become Sir Isaac Newton or Tendulkar or Sindhu. No parent should pressurize their children for non achievable targets. A parent should know what are the positives and negatives of their children. Basing on this they see that he will be in right path and will be doing to the best possible. Parents should not criticize them and compare with anybody else. They should be mentored properly. Every one can't be the topper. So what we should see is whether our child is doing his best or not. Once he is doing his best the results will follow.
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    Very solacing message. We are always worried for our gains in life. We want to be top performers, want to gain power, money and game. When things do not happen our way, we become disappointed.

    So we should try our best but should not hope for the best because it is difficult to console ourselves when hopes shatter.

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