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    Does ISC cater to the needs of only middle-class students?

    ISC has organised a very useful contest on article-writing. The contest (Article contest on "How To Become a ______ ?) is still in progress. Yesterday night I was going through various articles submitted by Members for the contest. I was astounded by these extremely informative and useful articles. I have absolutely no hesitation to admit that I didn't even hear about some of the professions mentioned here. In some cases, I had some vague idea about the professions, but I didn't know how to join those professions.

    However, while thinking about these professions, I suddenly felt that most of the professions mentioned in those articles are for students belonging to upper class and middle-class students only. The jobs/professions generally chosen/preferred by lower middle class students or students from weak economic background, are not available.

    I humbly request all participating Members to write some articles which would benefit students/ young people from weak economic background.

    [P.S.: This thread should not be taken as criticism of anybody. I have stated what I felt and I only request the Members to write articles which would help job-seekers from all social strata.]
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    Well ISC can only announce a contest and seek participation of members with their inclusive ideas and creative writing or sharing something useful to all. There cannot be selective sharing from members as such and such a thought should not enter our minds at all. Basically some professions need higher education of high standards and weak students cannot compete nor face challenges and thus they may even falter in the course. But there are some enthusiastic students in the lower middle class who are ready to out perform other provided they are shown the way , the right way to achieve the target.
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    Mr. Mohan: This is a request to the contributing Members to write some articles which would also be beneficial for students of weak economic background. It is only a request.
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    As far as I know there are some articles on professions like teachers, scientists and software engineers etc.All these jobs are open for everybody. Now a days government is funding for fees and other expenses to all weaker section students. So doing an engineering degree is not very costly. All jobs are open for them also. Some profession like photography etc., may require some initial investment. For other job like content writing etc., anybody can try .

    Anyhow irrespective of caste and religion intelligent students can perform well and they can aim for challenging positions. If some students are not very intelligent and average they have to choose the profession basing on their competence.

    Government is encouraging middle class people also by giving scholarships and fellowships to meritorious students. They should compete and get benefitted.

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    What are the kinds of jobs that students from weaker economic background seek?

    I think students have dreams and aspirations. Everyone wants to achieve and become something big. I think the articles submitted for the contest can be an inspiration for anyone who wants to become something in life. All one needs is a spark, irrespective of the financial background. There are scholarships and loans available for the weaker section.

    Dr.APJ Kalam came from a humble background. He did not feel restrained by his economic background. I have in the past given example of my maid's daughter. She joined a call-centre after class XII. Attended evening classes to complete graduation -went on to do an MBA and now works with a multinational as an HR. She supported herself and the family. The younger daughter went to one of the leading colleges in Chennai and now works in ICICI Bank. The son, the youngest of the lot is in the final year of B.Com.

    Let us not typecast jobs into being suitable for people belonging to different economic strata. This would be yet another divide, another caste-system.

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    Education and job has no classes like upper, middle upper, middle lower and lower. It is same for all. Every individual has the same size of brain and body to understand and work. What Partha wants is - How to become a driver, how to become a bus conductor, how to become a mechanic, how to become a plumber, how to become an electrician etc. Such things need no much information on the net and no guidelines required. .
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    I have been grossly misunderstood! Let me give an example to establish my point. I had been planning to write an article captioned "How to become a commercial pilot in India". But I know that undergoing Pilot Training course costs a minimum of Rs. 12 lakh or so. So, students from weak economic background can't even think to join Pilot Training course. This specific course is almost out-of-bound for them.

    I wanted Members to write about some professions which are popular among middle-class, academically average (not outstanding) students. No class division was in my mind when I raised this thread.

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    I am responding to your post because I get a strong impression that my articles are the target here - all other topics are about mainstream professions/businesses.

    I had to make my article selection viable, after all, it was a competition and I was not writing with the sole purpose of educating a particular group. To be honest, easily funded courses are a dime a dozen. And they do not require dedicated articles describing the 'how to'.

    Coming to your recent post, you have elucidated your stand in your response, but have failed to educate us on professions 'suitable' for the lower middle class/weak economic background students. Which brings out another point – the obvious 'flip-flop' you did from "lower middle class/weak economic background" in the original post to "middle-class/academically average (not outstanding) students", in your recent response.

    Anyway, as I see it the entries are a good melange of topics, suitable for different levels of proficiency and economic backgrounds.

    Maybe, ISC can/will organise another contest using your suggestion.

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    #598397: Of course not, Madam! No article is the target. I only requested the participating Members to write some more articles about professions which are popular among middle-class young men and women of small towns and villages.

    In fact, I am planning to keep your extremely informative articles in my personal archive for my future reference.

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