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    Announcement of Sun's cool Quiz contest result

    Refer to this this Quiz contest thread . The results .
    Winner - Syed Rizwan - Score 9/10
    Runners up - 1. Dr. N S Rao 2. Vandana 3. Saroja ( Score 8/10 each)
    Others - Partha (6/10) Mohan (5/10) Jeets (4/10)

    The correct answers to the quiz:
    1. Timmy M John
    2. Google Adsense
    3. Second
    4. Kochi
    5. Sun
    6. July 2007
    7. 90 %
    8. Timmy M John
    9. 12
    10. Jose Mathew.

    Let us congratulate the winner Mr. Syed Rizwan for his 9/10 score.

    @ Members, Sorry for the long delay owing to my personal commitments.
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    Congratulations to Mr. Syed Rizwan for winning this interesting quiz with 90% mark.s Congratulations to the runner-ups Dr. Rao, Ms. Vandana and Ms. Saroja with 80% marks.
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    Accept my congratulations Mr. Syed Rizwan for scoring 90% marks in this quiz. I also congratulate Ms. Vandana and Ms. Saroja who shared runners up with me with 80% marks. Mr.Sun has conducted a good quiz and all the best wishes to him
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    Congrats to Syed Rizwan for getting 9 out of 10 questions right in the quiz organized by Sun. My best wishes to runners up too and pat for all those other participants.
    K Mohan
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    Hearty congratulations to Syed Rizwan for topping as also Dr Rao, Vandana and Saroja for their high scores.
    I also take this opportunity to felicitate Sun whom I found quite 'shining' after 5 years of my return to ISC.


    "Semper Sursum"

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    Thank you for declaring me as the winner Mr.Sun. I congratulate all the runner ups. It was an interesting contest though.

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