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    Are Celebrities are the only persons eligible for income tax awards?

    As we knew that the Central Government of India (Income tax department) will give awards for perfect or best income tax payers they called it as Samman Patra for Celebrities like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Amitabh had got these awards.Are the Celebrities are the only eligible of these Awards?Do normal people are also eligible for these Awards?Why do these awards are given for Celebrities? Why ordinary people won't get these Awards?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    They give certificated basing on the tax they paid. Probably celebrities may be paying higher amount of tax as their incomes are very high. Recently they have started giving certificates to many of the tax payers under gold category, silver category and brass category. Last year I have also received a certificate from income tax department for paying the tax as per the tax rules. Similarly many people received certificates as per the amount paid as per their income slabs.
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    Certificates are being given by Govt as per the amount and not as per the celebrity status. As celebrities are coming in very high tax paying individuals they might be getting the best certification say - diamond or platinum certification.

    Because they are getting it from Govt in recognition of high tax paid by them, It might be getting unnecessary media hype.

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    As what Srinivas Rao Garu said is correct previously the awards were given to the celebrities but now I think it is given to common man too
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    Bhushan please understand that celebrities or the actors get whole some money for their acting and mostly they are not revealed in public. Great actors are those who feels that they must remit the tax for the amount they earned. So it is the windfall for the government when some actor volunteers to pay tax for the whole some amount earned. That is the reason the IT department gives them with award with citation. Moreover the fans of those actors get motivated to pay taxes. By the way normal citizens wont earn that much money to get the award and citation and hence it s a marketing strategy. For that matter every big Industrial house in India is paying huge taxes every year and they are not getting awards or sanmaan patra. So this is clearly understood that for the benefit of advertising the IT department uses the faces of celebrities who were sincere enough to pay the taxes.
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    Income Tax Office under Department of Revenue, Government of India prepares a list of ten people who paid highest income tax on that accounting year based upon their income in the previous financial year. Any income tax payer can be included in the list based upon their payment of income tax.

    The list does contain the names of celebrities, because they are the highest earners in our country, and so they pay highest tax. However, in some cases, some new entrepreneurs (about whom little is known) get included in this list on the basis of tax paid by them.

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    Bhushan, in order to change its image of harassing tax payers which it acquired over years, the Department of Income Tax has initiated many measures and it looks more customer-friendly now. Last year it issued Letters of Appreciation to all those who paid more than a certain amount of income tax on time. All those who paid more than one lakh have been considered as contributors to building this great nation and as a result have been issued the Letters in the Bronze, Silver and Gold categories, depending upon their contribution to the tune of Rs 1 lakh to 10 lakh, 10 to 50 lakhs and 50 lakhs to 1 crore respectively.
    Coming to the celebrities, they earn in crores every year and many of them have paid income tax in crores. They all are in platinum category and a few of them on the top might have got some Awards as well. Surprisingly, many of the tax payers who were issued the Letters of Appreciation by the CBDT Chairperson, Rani Singh Nair did not expect such letter and took it as another spam mail.


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    I was and am paying Income Tax to last rupee honestly. I am also receiving refund every year. But still I had not received any certificate. Had I engaged a chartered accountant or some tax consultants, I would have saved much and paid less.

    In relation to what I had paid till now as tax, what I got in return is almost nothing. Many(I feel or guess) enjoy lot of benefits without paying a rupee as tax. Sigh ! Sigh !

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