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    Name change can you help me

    Dear sir am passed class 10th 2014 & class 12th 2016 from U.P.Board now I want to change my childhood name and birth date my childhood name is Ankur Verma & birth date is 05/07/1998 now my real name is Ram Bharat Verma & birth date is 10/01/1998.
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    Please ask the question in 'Ask Expert' section of ISC. You will get proper guidance.
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    If you believe numerology, you can contact a numerologist who will suggest you a suitable name. But how far it will be useful, I can't tell you. Why you want to change your name? What is the problem with the present name? You have not explained the reason for which you want to change your name?
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    For any one the name appearing in the 10th class memo is the basic for verification as regards to the candidate name and date of birth. When the board exam are going to happen the school authorities would send the details of candidates to the board and at that time they ask for all the details from each candidate and send the same with photographs for the admit cards. At that time you must have thought of changing the name. Now it is not possible to change the name as it involves lots of process and the authorities wont agree too. Better to continue with present name and you can add as alias Ankur Verma.
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    Ram Bharat, while this query should have been aptly posted in the Ask Expert section, I suggest you to go through this article on the procedure for changing of name and also to search in our Ask expert section for similar queries to get the necessary guidance for changing your name.
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