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    Summer vacation creative conversation contest - participate and win prizes

    Friends, unmindful of the heat, the school kids are having a whale of a time enjoying their summer vacation. Then why should we at ISC be left out. It should be fun-time for us too. So continuing with the series on Summer activities for ISCians, here is a conversation contest based on the theme 'summer vacation'. Every member including editors can participate in this creative contest. The contest is open till midnight of 21st May 2017. Please go through the scenarios and the rules of the contest carefully before submitting your entries.

    Mentioned below are 7 scenarios, based on which you have to create a conversation between 2 or more characters (preferably fictional):
    1. Conversation between two school children, excited about the forthcoming summer vacation.
    2. Two mothers apprehensively conversing about the tough time they are likely to face when their kids will be at home for the vacation.
    3. Your office is not ready to spare you, but you have promised the kids for a vacation in the hills. Try persuading your boss in granting you leave.
    4. Son/daughter and dad/mother conversing; dad/mother focusing on utilising the time for studies & creative work; son/daughter focusing on games, fun and movies.
    5. To beat the summer, you want your friend to join a swim club along with you. Your friend is however apprehensive, as he/she doesn't know swimming.
    6. A man speaking to his wife on the phone and ruing about the loneliness he is facing after she left for her hometown for a vacation with the kids. (This conversation could be between 2 men also, both being left alone by their respective spouses)
    7. You are seated beside a famous sportsperson on your first ever foreign trip. Pick up a conversation with him or her.

    Rules & Guidelines:
    1. One can submit 2 entries if one wishes. However, the 2 scenarios should be different.
    2. The entries must be in English only. No usage of slangs, vulgar words or short form of words. The language should be appropriate and no obscene or double meaning text please.
    3. Entries should be posted as a response to this contest thread only. In case of two entries, the 2nd one to be submitted in a separate response.
    4. Bold, italics or other HTML tags are not to be used in the conversation text.
    5. The conversations should be brief, say for around 3 minutes.
    6. The posts could be humorous and as creative as possible, but should be realistic too.
    7. Though not mandatory, one can put one (only one) internal link to any ISC page in each entry.
    8. No issue if a certain scenario has been selected by one, others too can write on the same scenario.
    9. Once submitted, the entries can be modified to improve upon them till the closing date.
    10. The entries will be judged based on the creativity and the quality of the post. It will definitely not depend on the number of entries. Only one win per person.

    Gifts and prizes:
    1. The best 2 conversations would get cash reward of Rs 150/- each plus gold coins from ISC gift shop.
    2. Two second best entries would get a reward of Rs 100/- each.
    3. One third prize of Rs 75/-.

    Sample format of conversation between 2 persons: (No need to give details about location or background settings)


    And so on.

    Last date of submission is: Midnight of 21st May 2017.
    In case of any queries about this contest, put them in a response in this thread.
    So friends, all the best. Get your grey cells working and happy conversing.
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    Thanks to Mr. Dhruv for announcing an interesting contest. I find the given themes interesting. But kindly indicate the word-limit.
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    Though we are not very particular about word limits in conversation contests, the entries could be anywhere between 300 to 350 words or so. A little here or there will be taken care of. So get started friends.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Nice contest but unfortunately I am out of station and can not participate. I will try if possible to submit my entry through mobile. But its very difficult for me. I will try and best of luck for other members.
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    Thanks to mr. Dhruv for announcing very nice contest . I will try my best for this contest.

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    My first response is ready. In this connection, I would like to know:-
    (a) Am I required to post the conversation in a spearate Forum thread and give a clickable response here, or, am I required to post it directly as a response?
    (b) Is a heading/caption required?
    Online Editor(s) may kindly guide.

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    I am posting my first response without any caption directly as a response to this thread. I have chosen the third scenario. If I am required to submit my entry as a separate thread, this may kindly be intimated. I would rectify accordingly.

    (Edited later: Caption added)

    My entry:-

    Finally got my leave sanctioned!

    Me (Knocking & entering the chamber of my leave-sanctioning Officer): May I come in, Sir?
    My boss: Yes, Partha. Which file have you brought?
    Me: Sir, this is the file relating to CBRN workshop to be held in June. All the preliminary work has been completed. The venue has been booked. The experts have confirmed their participation. The trainees have been invited and the financial part has been settled. The programme schedule has been chalked out and mailed to all participants.
    Boss (impressed): Partha. That is really good! You have completed the task well in advance.
    Me: Thank you, Sir. I have got the work completed because I require leave for seven days during the last week of May. I have already submitted the application.
    Boss: But Partha, how can I grant you leave at such crucial juncture? You know about your immediate boss. The less said about him is better. And Amrapali (another Officer in the same division) has only joined. She is not experienced to handle such crucial workshop which the Home Minister will inaugurate. Moreover, this week both of them are on leave.
    Me (little bit dejected): Sir, since AMCDRR in November, 2016, I have been working round-the-clock. I remain present in office on every Saturday and on some Sundays. During the last six months, I have not even thought of taking any leave. We have successfully conducted three international conferences, four mock exercises and two table-top exercises. I was involved in all of these. These are in addition to our normal work.
    Boss: That I know, But…..
    Me: Sir, I promised my daughter that I would take her and her mother to Dharamshala on a short trip. I have made all arrangements with the ITBP. We have already booked a room at ITBP guest-house. Sir, kindly grant me leave. Otherwise my daughter would be very disheartened. Moreover, the Director and Amrapali will join office next Monday.
    Boss: Okay, I am sanctioning your leave. But please don't extend it. I definitely need your presence before the CBRN workshop.
    Me: Sir, I have already booked my return ticket.
    Boss: Okay. I am signing your leave application. Enjoy with your family.
    Me (elated): Thank you, Sir.

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    Partha, the entries are to be submitted in this contest thread itself. The same is mentioned in rule number 3. Regarding captions or heading, it will definitely help if you could put one. Thanks for mentioning that. Others too to note. For your 2nd entry, post in a separate response.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    Is my first entry alright, Mr. Dhruv? I am now giving a caption.
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    Seems to be good. You can now go ahead with your 2nd entry. Others to get started, what's taking you so long. Editors, submit your entries too.
    Patience and perseverance pays

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    My seond entry (Second scenario):

    Worried mothers discussing their children's plan during coming summer vacation

    Mrs. Ghosh: Good Morning, Mrs. Kaur! From where are you coming?
    Mrs. Kaur: Good Morning, Mrs. Ghosh. I am coming from Champion Swimming Club submitting the admission form.
    Mrs. Ghosh: Champion Swimming Club at Sector 8? Are you going to get Gurjot (Mrs. Kaur's daughter) admitted in the Swimming Club?
    Mrs. Kaur: Yes, Mr. Ghosh. Today I have submitted the form for Gurjot. During the summer vacation, she would learn swimming. What about Abhijit, your son?
    Mrs. Ghosh: Mrs. Kaur, you have done a really good thing. If Gurjot attends swimming classes, she would find interest in swimming and won't go out during the noon. Abhijit's interest is in football. My husband is planning to get him admitted in a football coaching academy. But I don't like the idea.
    Mrs. Kaur: Why?
    Mrs. Ghosh: You see, football is a body-contact game. In the morning Abhijit would go to the academy, and during the afternoon, he would be playing football in our housing society playground. He will be tired, and would definitely neglect his study. I am really worried, but Mr. Ghosh is happy.
    Mrs. Kaur: Most probably Mr. Ghosh is also a football enthusiast.
    Mrs. Ghosh: Of course, yes. My husband used to play for East Bengal club, one of the top clubs of the country, in his youth. So, he is encouraging Abhitjit to join football academy and also to practice in the afternoon.
    Mrs. Kaur: I am also worried about Gurjot, Mrs. Ghosh. Do you know what Gurjot said yesterday? She wants to join Indian Army. And for this purpose, she would like to train herself from this summer vacation itself. She would learn to climb trees, practice Tarzan jump, cross Burma bridge and various other exercises during the afternoon beside swimming. Really don't know how she would manage her study.
    Mrs. Ghosh: What about Mr. Singh? What is his opinion?
    Mrs. Kaur: He is immensely happy because Gurjot wants to join Army.
    Mrs. Ghosh: Really don't know how the children would manage their study if they go on playing in the afternoon. Moreover, they may fall ill if they remain outside for so long all through the day.
    Mrs. Kaur: I am also not comfortable with their ideas, but let's hope for the best.

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    Conversation between two school children, excited about the forthcoming summer vacation.

    Best summer vacation for Anya and Nivi

    Anya and Nivi are 2 school children. This is the last week in their school year. Every day they go to school by walking. Today Anya has news to share with her dear friend, who studies in a different division in the same school.

    Anya: Good morning Nivi!
    Nivi: Good morning Anya! How are you?
    Anya: I am fine. Today I have news to share with you.
    Nivi: Me too. But I would like to hear first from you
    Anya: OK Nivi, Do you know how I will spent this year summer vacation? Yesterday my Dada and Amma told me about it.
    Nivi: I guess you will be going to learn Karate and swimming.
    Anya (Excited): How did you know about my plan? Who told you?
    Nivi(with a smile on her face): My parents told me that they will be sending me with you for learning some summer activities. The idea was shared by your parents.
    Anya: Oh really!
    Nivi: I hope together we can have a good summer time to learn karate and swimming. I am so excited to learn this. It will be really fun to know more about these activities. We will get a relief from those test papers and assignments.
    Anya: Nivi, you are correct. But I like to swim more than Karate. Amma told me swimming is good for health. The instructor will teach us all basic we need to know while swimming and so I believe it will be totally exciting.
    Nivi: Karate is good for self-defense. We girls must learn it from a young age itself. Initially I thought that it is fighting but my Papa corrected me and told me that My dear daughter, this is not fighting. He even showed me a video in YouTube to know more about it. I was happy to see karate master saying words like Hajime, Yame and some others.
    Anya: Hajime, Yame?
    Nivi: Yes Anya. It's a Japanese language. My Papa told me about it. In Japanese, Hajime means start and Yame means stop.
    Anya (so excited): I am thrilled to learn karate and swimming as soon as possible. We need to buy some costumes for karate and swimming. I think they will provide this. Amma told me so.
    Nivi: Ok Anya. Everything seems to be good. I am praying to reach that day as quickly as possible so that we can enjoy our vacation.
    Anya: Ok. See now we reached the school. Bye bye Nivi.
    Nivi: Bye for now.

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    Hi every body,
    I have taken up Scenario no 2 here. This is a conversation between two mothers, Manini and Sumona about the tough time during the vacations and how they plan a way for themselves.

    It goes....
    Mothers also need a break

    Manini: Hi Sumona! Good na! the summer vacations have started. We do not have to get up early now for the breakfast and the lunch boxes.
    Sumona: Yes, that is good. But I am still not very happy about the vacations.
    Manini: Why? All ok? You are not happy for the extra half an hour sleep in the mornings.
    Sumona: Morning sleeps are good. But just think about the day long torture that these kids will do to us.
    Manini: Oh yes. I know. The kids would just be playing around in the house. Shouting, howling, crying, and fighting. We cannot let them outside. Its too hot.
    Oh! I am already getting the goosebumps. Both Sonu and Aisha would want the same toy and fight over it. And finally I will have to leave my cooking aside and make things right between them. But their fight will resume within hours. I know that.
    Sumona: You did not say everything Manini. The TV will not be turned off. They will have a plea for the examinations being over. The AC will not be switched off in the afternoons. Else they will want to go outside and play, which they know I will not allow. Ashutosh would want new games in his computer. He would stay glued to it and not care about Anshuman and Ankit.
    Where will the electricity bill soar up to?
    Manini: Oh My God! Why do the schools have these vacations when we are paying for these months as well? I am sure they are also saving on their electricity bills.
    Sumona: And then they give the holiday home works without proper instructions that these should be done at the beginning of the vacation itself. That is another headache for us.
    Manini: Sumona, I have an idea. Let us leave the children to themselves for some time in the day. They will learn things in our absence. And I am sure they will be safe. I would register for the cooking classes on the other street.
    Sumona: Wow! That's a novel idea. I will also go there. We will also meet other ladies and can gossip about things. We mothers also need a break.

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    Father has come back from office and just had his tea and relaxing. His son comes running and started the conversation.
    Son: Hai Dad, back from office.
    Dad: Hai, How did you fare your exam today.
    Son: very well answered dad. My final exam is over. I feel relaxed.
    Dad: Enjoy 1 or 2 days. Meanwhile, I will make a schedule for your summer training.
    Son: I want to go to our native place for 15 days. I want to spend good time with grandpa and grandma.
    Dad: No, My dear son, Unnecessarily why to waste time. That 15 days you can use for your swimming classes.
    Son: Dad, It is not right dad. You were only telling me that you are listening so many stories from your grandpa. You only told me that stories are very good and they will tell us all ethics and good behavior. Same way I want to learn from my grandpa.
    Dad: No. No. I can tell you all those stories to you in the night.
    Son: No. Dad. I want to hear from my grandpa and grandma. I also want to go to field with grandpa and enjoy that atmosphere. I can have fresh fruits from garden and I can go to the temple in the village, dad.
    Dad: You have two months holidays first you complete the swimming training. Cricket classes you have to complete. After that we can see.
    Son: By the time I complete those programs, more than half of my holidays will be over. My tuition teacher will be back, You say that attend the tuition. Dad, please, Dad.
    Dad: Why are you not understanding me. Whatever I am telling is for your future only.
    Son: Dad, you are very good dad. I will never say no to you dad. This time only please let me go dad.Last summer also I missed going there. All holidays were spent in learning music and drawing only dad.
    Dad: Cricket I will learn during school days also dad. I will join swimming classes after coming back. Dad, you like mangoes. I will bring fresh mangoes from there for you Dad. Please Dad.
    Dad: I will discuss with your ma. Then tell you.
    Son: If you ask her she will not accept dad. If you recommend she will accept. That is I am requesting you so much Dad. Please help me Dad.
    Dad: Ok . I will tell your mother. You get ready for your tour. You should come back with in two weeks. Otherwise your mother will be very angry on me and you,
    Son: Thank you Dad.

    always confident

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    Here is my entry on
    6. A man speaking to his wife on the phone and ruing about the loneliness he is facing after she left for her hometown for a vacation with the kids.

    Husband (speaking aloud): Hello dear! Good morning.
    Wife(speaking aloud): Good morning dear. Did you sleep well last night?
    Husband (speaking in mind): Of course! Without you snoring and the kids yelling, it was really a Gooood Night. (Speaking aloud): Of course NOT, dear. How can I sleep well without you? With the kids away, I am totally frustrated.
    Wife(speaking in mind): Really? You keep complaining about my snoring. (Speaking aloud): Same here dear. Missing you (in mind: Not really) very much.
    Husband (speaking in mind): Yeah, right. (Aloud): Come soon dear, waiting for the vacation to end and seeing you and my kids. (In mind): When vacation ends, I will rush office in the morning and be late in the evening as always.
    Wife (Speaking aloud): Me too, dear. It seems as if the vacation is never ending. I am so lonely without you at mom's house. (In mind: )You wish. I am getting all the love and care that you fail to give me. Kids are more than happy with my mom.
    Husband(Speaking aloud): I know dear. (In mind: The way the cook of your house cooks, I really wish you don't come soon complaining stomach ache. Then I will have to deal with your constant yelling and nagging. (Aloud): How is your cook? Is he cooking the same old dishes? If you are bored then come home soon(In mind: Please say no).
    Wife(Aloud): No no, I am perfectly fine here…. I mean, not as fine as I am with you(in mind: At home I have to do constant cooking, cleaning, and dusting. You just want me back because of all this.) But I can't break my mom's heart you know.
    Husband(In mind:) But your mom can break my heart. Last year, during the summer vacation, she came to our house. I was so shocked. Out of the blue, this torture came upon me and that too for 1 month. It was my idea that this year you go to your hometown with the kids and leave me in my eternal bliss of solitude.
    (Aloud): Yes, that's true. I wonder why didn't she come this year too? It would have been great fun like last year.
    Wife(Aloud): You know, how she feels without dad.(In mind:) Besides, how can she forget your facial expressions and taunts last year? She refused to come this year. (Aloud): Anyways, I have to take the kids shopping today. I call you in the evening to let you know what we shopped.
    Husband(In mind:) Shopping! With my credit card? Oh God! Why don't you send someone to steal the credit card? Every month she has to go shopping. (Aloud): Good dear. The kids will have fun. But didn't you buy 2 sarees last month?
    Wife(Aloud): That was for mom dear. This month, I want to buy something for me and my kids. Any problem?(In mind): Seriously, this miser chap has ruined my life. Never does he tell go darling, buy something for you. A wife should get to spend sometimes from her hubby's credit card. Got to go dear, bye.
    Husband(Aloud): Yes dear have fun, bye. (In mind): This lady is immensely talented. She tortures me when she's at home. She can even inflict pain in my body from her hometown.

    Live life Kingsize!

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    Summer vacations started. All ladies with their school going children to their father's place. Husbands are left alone. Two friends who are forced bachelors met in one of their house. They sat on a drink and started discussion.

    A : So, now we have the advantage of having drink in the house happily without any tension.
    B: Yes. Yes.. Really it is very nice. Why can't we have two summers in a year.
    A: Ha ha . very correct. Let us hope that will also happen shortly.
    B: No body to ask us, why you are late to home. Where did you go. we need not answer these questions for at least this two months.
    A. This drink is very good. The snacks are very good. Can we have some more ice.
    B.: yes. Very nice. I am feeling very happy. very soft drink.
    A. After completing this drink where can we go for our food.
    B. Anywhere you like.But definitely we should have non veg today. If my wife comes back I can't taste it.
    A: sure, sure, we will have.
    B: let us complete it fast. We have to have food and then go for a English movie .
    A: Yes, Yes.

    At that stage the cell phone of A started ringing. It's his wife's call'++

    Husband: Hai, darling,
    Wife: how are. Where are you.
    Husband: I am in the house only.
    Wife: what special.
    Husband: Nothing sweety, Cooking food for the night. I am feeling bored with your absence. I am praying God, to give only one summer for two years. Come quickly darling.
    Wife: Ok, Ok. Take care of your health. You friend 'B" is not a trust worthy person. Don't allow him to come to our house. Unnecessarily he will spoil you also.
    Husband: I will never like him darling. He is very bad. Ok Bye. The curry on the stove is getting burnt.

    B: What happened yar,
    A: Nothing, My devil. Asking me to be careful. Let us finish fast and go.

    always confident

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    My first entry to this contest:

    "Conversation between two men both being left alone as their respective spouses went to their native places"

    Title: Family is priceless

    Rakesh: Good Morning Ranjit, ,how are you?
    Ranjit: My surprise! You are so courteous today, You never wished me in the mornings like this.
    Rakesh: What to say yaar, Necessity only. I feel very lonely after my wife has gone to her mother's place. Don't you feel so as your wife also has gone since a week?
    Ranjit: Me too Rakesh. In fact I was thinking of asking you to come to my home so that we can spend the weekend together.
    Rakesh: It is really strange, isn't it ? When our spouses are at home we want them to allow us to be left alone. But when just for a few days y they have left us alone we cannot bear that loneliness.
    Ranjit: That teaches us. We do not understand the value of our close family members when they are around us. We may feel them as interfering in our freedom. Occasions like this only reveal how much they care for us and how much we miss them.
    Rakesh; You remind me. My wife has kept a box full of snacks and sweets for me to eat .But I have not laid my hands on them till. She was busy till late night the previous day making all these because she was afraid that I will starve .
    Ranjit: That makes me recall what my mother was doing when she took me to my maternal grandmother's home. Just same way she used to make things for my father and give him hundred tips what to do and not to do during her absence..
    Rakesh:I have decided that from next time I will also accompany her.
    ( Suddenly the mobile phone rings).Yes it is she, my wife. I yearn to hear her voice. Okay Ranjit, we shall see in the evening.
    Ranjit: I too shall phone my wife right now. Bye.

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    My second entry for the contest:
    Conversation between two school children, excited about the forthcoming summer vacation.

    Title: Vacation is all fun and excitement

    Ram: Shyam, you seem very excited .What is the reason?
    Shyam: As if you do not know. Our exams are over by today. Vacation starts from tomorrow. Two months. No study, no homework, all play and fun. Oh! I cannot hide my excitement.
    Ram: Have you planned to go anywhere this time?
    Shyam;Yes. All finalised. Tickets booked. On Sunday morning we are all leaving to Ooty, Kodikanal etc and then we will go to Pune where my grandmother is. She has promised to make variety foods for me . She told me that she has kept a lot of gifts to me.
    Ram; I too am excited really. But my mother tells me to keep quiet. We are going to my uncle's place this time. My grandparents join us there. We will be attending the marriage of my aunty's daughter.
    Shyam: She is your cousin isn't she? I think in last vacation she came to your home and gave us chocolates and even played with us.
    Ram; Yes the same Didi. All my relatives will come to the marriage and it will be just fun with the Baarat,music, fireworks etc. My parents have bought three pairs of new dress for me . I yearn for wearing them.
    Shyam: When are you returning? I will be coming back just a week before school reopens. But my parents will come back earlier. My grandfather will bring me later.
    Ram: My parents and uncle have plans for a joint family trip after attending the marriage. Then we all will come here and they will be with us for another week. Let us be in touch on phone.
    Shyam: Okay Sure. Bye.

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    My entry for the contest
    Conversation between two school children, excited about the forthcoming summer vacation.

    Summer vacation plan of two friends

    Sree: Hey Harish! How did you write your exam?
    Harish: Good. What about you?
    Sree: Not so good.
    Harish: Why man?
    Sree: I was very much excited about my vacation plans so I didn't concentrate much on my studies. But definitely I will score average mark in all the subjects.
    Harish: Okay fine. So tell about your vacation plan?
    Sree: Finally the exams are over and tomorrow night I am moving to my Grand Mom's place.
    Harish: Ha..Ha..Ha…!!
    Sree: What Harish? Why are you laughing?
    Harish: On seeing your level of excitement I thought that you are going to a foreign trip.
    Sree: Listen Harish. It is not necessary to spend summer vacation in Foreign Countries. Even our own land has lot of amazing places to spend summer vacation.
    Harish: Where is your Grand Mom's place? What is so special about it?
    Sree: My Grand Mom is staying at Ambasamudram, a place in South Tamil Nadu.
    Harish: What? Is it a village? So you are going to spend your vacation at a village?
    Sree: The place is located near the foothills of Western Ghats and lot of tourist places are located nearby that place. My cousins are also coming to my Grand Mom's place. So we all have planned to go to the nearby waterfalls, dams, rivers, temples and so many places nearby Tenkasi and Ambasamudram.
    Harish: Have you been to your Grand Mom's place before?
    Sree: Yes! I usually spend my summer vacation at my Grand Mom's place along with my family and relatives. It is actually so nice to spend vacation at small villages than at busy big cities and foreign countries.
    Harish: Okay Harish! Have fun.
    Sree: What is your vacation plan Harish?
    Harish: I don't have any plans yet, Sree. My parents are busy with their work and they might admit me in a summer vacation class nearby my Home.
    Sree: OMG! Again Classes…?? Hey…Come on Man! Enjoy your vacation. I will talk to your parents, You too come and join me. We both can enjoy our vacation together along with the nature.
    Harish: Are you joking?
    Sree: I am serious Harish. Come with me. I assure you that definitely it will be a memorable summer vacation for you.
    Harish: Okay Sree. I will get permission from my parents and will try to join you.
    Sree: Okay Harish. Bye..Bye..!! I am waiting for a positive note from you. See you soon at the trip!
    Harish: Sure Sree. Bye..Bye..!!

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    Two mothers apprehensively conversing about the tough time they are likely to face when their kids will be at home for the vacation.

    Mother1: Finally summer vacations have started and I am hoping to have some free time if at all Ramya allows me to.
    Mother2: Yes even I feel the same but sometimes I start feeling why are even summer vacations given as these kids trouble even more.
    M1: Ramya is so naughty that she doesn't sit quite even for a minute. It was very tough handling her during her last vacation.
    M2: My daughter tortures me because she gets bored at home. So I make sure to keep her busy one or the other way.
    M1. I literally had to raise my hands on Ramya for her mischieveness and this leads to fight between me and my husband. How did you manage last time?
    M2: During last vast vacation, I enrolled my children to a summer camp and most of the days they were busy in the camp. Hence I had some time for myself to relax.
    M1. Is it? That's great. Why don't we enroll both our kids to some useful classes? That way they can also be productive and we can also get a leisure. Also both are children will have company to be with during the classes.
    M2: Not a bad idea. Since my elder son is busy with his cricket practice, I was thinking my daughter will be left alone. My daughter wanted to join swimming classes. Why don't we join them there?
    M1: Yes, definitely. There is a club nearby were every morning at 10 swimming classes are conducted for children. I will enquire there and let you know. Also in the evening, singing classes are carried out in our society. Why not join our kids there too? This way, they will also be busy and not be bored.
    M2: Sure, I am ready. Kindly enquire about both swimming and singing classes and do let me know when to join them.
    M1: Tomorrow I will call to both the places and let you know. I will meet you tomorrow evening and give you details.
    M2: Ok, I will wait for you in the evening. Bye for now as I am getting late.

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