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    Our life is full of stories; we have only to narrate these

    The life of every person is full of many events. From the day when he/she takes birth, every day there are many events where the person is involved. If he/she is not directly involved,, the person can observe the incidents happening around him/her very closely. All these events make impression in our brain. We call it memory. Some incidents make ever-lasting impression, some make faint impression. But these events are stored in our brain.

    I think we can take out these events and narrate these suitably. Our memory can help us to be excellent story-tellers. We are not required to make any extra effort to create an event. Everything is available with us. It is irrespective of our age and experience. On each and every day, we become part of an event/many events or we witness many events. Timely retrieval and proper narration are required to become a good-story-teller.

    Members, kindly share your opinion in this regrd. Can't we become expert story-tellers simply by narrating incidents which happened in our life or are witnessed by us?
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    Yes our life is the testimony and proof through which we have emerged winner and continuing. We have faced good period, gone through trying times, faced hostility and yet we are successful. But we wont share our stories with everyone as they ridicule or down play our success with that their achievement. In the fear of that backlash, people tend to keep the attitude of tortoise. That means when the need comes only they will come out of situation and report to others. But the author did made a right appeal. As every one story would be inspiring and yet helpful to others to know how the challenges are met and overcome.
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    The life of everybody will be full of events. Some good events and some may be bad. We will be witnessing many happenings in the world. Each incident will be a story. As and when a chance comes we should be able to put down those incidents as a small write up, which we may call as story. We need not publish it anywhere. At least if we leave our memories to our next generation, they can use them as references in their life and writings.

    Success is a relative word. My opinion is we should be happy with our success. We don't need somebody to appreciate our achievements. We know what are our efforts and what are our victories. So instead of bothering about others anyone can keep their memories in writing for his or next generation reference.

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    The plot for a story need not to be imagined. They are available right in our lives as well as lives of persons around us. Plots are scattered everywhere.

    What is required is to present them in a lucid and interesting form so that the reader gets engrossed in the flow of story. A good narrator will do that.

    It requires initial hard work and continuous practice to nurture this area in an individual. It will take time but eventually one can become a good narrator.

    Knowledge is power.

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