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    Me, a box for creation and destruction - A Sun box

    "Where is the guy? " the judge asked the policeman. The police responded "which guy, sir?" "The guy who was the chief cause for this tragic incident" asked the judge with a disgruntled tone. The policeman took me out and made me to stand in front of the judge and said,"My lord. He is the culprit." The judge looked at me and the policeman. He shouted,"What is this non-sense! Who is the guy who gutted the 108 huts and caused heavy human loss?. The policeman politely replied,"Sir, Sun, this Sun standing on your table is the chief cause for the incident. Without him, it was not possible. You can ask Sun and find out the details as to why and how he acted to gut the huts in the area. The judge was confused. He started interrogating me.

    Judge: Sun, Where are you from?

    Sun: My Lord, I am from Sivakasi the little Japan of India.

    Judge: Can you narrate your family, its composition and size?

    Sun: Sure, my lord. I have a very large family. The size of my family cannot be narrated easily. I think there is no other family on this good earth like my family. I am a native from Sivakasi, a town from south Tamilnadu. Each and every family on this earth have my family members. Though my shape is just 1.5 x 2 x .5 inches, I am considered as the most powerful body on this earth. We take birth in multiples of lakhs per day. Within me I have 40 to 50 small souls which become active with just a friction with me, and dies after meeting the purpose. I am good as well as bad. I am for creative as well as for destructive. People might starve without me. I hate water. I hate rainy season. Because, my life becomes useless with a touch of water.

    Judge: Fine, Can you explain how you got the huts gutted into ashes, and made few human beings charred to death?

    Sun: Sorry my Lord, I am innocent. On that fateful day, I was resting peacefully in a corner inside a hut belonging to a poor family. It was about 11 p.m. The boss of the hut asked his wife to get me to lit his Beedi. The guy was heavily drunk, His wife handed over me to him and said,"Don't smoke Beedi. It is injurious to health. The guy said," Sarithan Podi (in Tamil) (means - It's alright darling) and lit his beedi and returned me to his wife. After few minutes I could see the smoke and fire engulfing the whole area. Was it my fault, my Lord?

    Judge: Sun, You are innocent. The culprit is the drunkard guy and his beedi. You are acquitted from this case.

    @ This is my simple 'Me, a box " story for the creative writing contest.
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    A very creative storry of a match-box. I enjoyed it. The style of narration creates interest and curiosity in the minds of the readers. A very good creation and a strong contender for the award.
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    A good story of match box. Very well presented. Mr. Sun, all the best to you for the competition.
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    It's nice actually. You probably are the most creative ISCian.
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    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan,
    Where are you,dear? I think you are being towed by the TOW. My creative story on match box is not a topic for TOW . It is for the creative story writing contest 'Me, a Box'. announced by ME Vandana. Please don't be in a hurry to post your irrelevant responses to add points..

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