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    At another harassment to a lady in Delhi. Are we civilized?

    Today morning as soon as I opened the news paper, I notice that 3 persons taken away a lady near from her house and gang raped her and thrown out of car after going ahead for some distance. The lady lodged a complaint with police.

    A boy proposed himself to a girl. The girl not accepted. The boy killed that lady. It happened in Telangana.

    A software employee proposed himself to another lady employee. She refused. That person beaten that lady and ran away. She lodged a complaint.

    A very pathetic condition. Are we human beings or animals.

    I think animals will have some ethics at least. These people are no way better than animals.

    Government should view these things very harshly and the culprits should be punished tough.

    Otherwise no body can stop this abusing of ladies,
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    Yes atrocities on women is ever increasing and though the government is keeping vigil through mufti police and she police teams, the girls and the women are at the receiving end they even fear to lodge a complaint. In this regard another pathetic condition of a child aged 12 who is suffering from cancer has been requesting her father to give attention to her deteriorating health which he is not caring in spite her mother intervention and demands. Now the girl has died and given video statement that her father and brothers are responsible for her death as they failed to attend her cancer treatments immediately.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It seems a Nirbhaya episode is happening in this country every day. This is in spite of the efforts made after Nirbhaya tragedy. It seems that it is a huge task for the Government to do it alone. Perhaps creating a law alone is not enough. There is something fundamentally wrong with thinking of the citizens that it happens time and again.

    "Semper Sursum"

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    Being a female I feel insecure and ashamed of the society I am living in. We call ourselves educated and 21st century people if this is called education and development then the government should immediately ban such education. I think we are living in a concrete jungle. The difference is that in real jungle you find animals with four legs here you find animals with two legs.
    The government should ban the advertisement which portray female as a commodity. I fail to understand the psychology behind such actions of men. What kind of satisfaction are they looking for? They fail to see that they are trapped I n a blind d alley from where it is very difficult to move out. They are moving backward. Hope a magic wand moves around them and they undergo some sort of change.

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    People should get reformed. The judiciary should act fast and give the death sentence at the earliest and the culprits should be hanged in open. Then these human animals may get some fear of death and don't indulge in this kind of activities. I am ashamed we are contemporaries of this kind of people. L
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    The mindset has to change. Unless that happens, we may not be able to see any improvement in the situation. And it needs to be begun from home. We have been a witness to the kind of people still treat a girl child as a bane. There have been the cases of differentiation between a son and a daughter. We tend to sow the seeds of violence against women right from a man's childhood days.
    Add to it the influence of the movies and such public media. As one of the writers rightly pointed out above, the movies and other media that depict women in bad light should be severely dealt with. In any case, until we see a change in the mindset of the people, no law or enforcement agency can do anything about it.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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