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    Do we find more entertainment in news channels than in movies or comedy channels?

    We somehow like fights and comedy scenes in our movies. But, if we turn on our TV sets to follow some news, we find both these events taking place at a single place. A bunch of people will appear on the news channel, they start fighting with one another verbally and we will be thrilled if someone, who dominates the show, is having a similar opinion as we have. It happens with every news channel. Do we find more entertainment in news channels than in movies or comedy channels?
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    Yes in general but specific in TN after JJ's death. My contribution in any other social media too reduced with the twists and turn happened in politics and showed in news channel. There was a thing also about films also not turning into hit until bahubali 2 which is exemption and many film producers, directors and even actors felt the same of the releases happened in Feb/Mar.

    Of late our surfing too habitual only with regional and then immediately turn to national about the reaction of happening there.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    To a large extent I agree with you, Bhuvaneswara. Most of the News channels have a variety of programmes which can be more entertaining than movie or comedy channels. Moreover, there is always a human desire to keep updated about the happenings around and the world over.
    The discussions at some of the TV Channels are quite interesting and are mostly on the current topics. I agree with you that we feel elated if the views come the way we want but it is not happening all the times. That is how our preferences about these channels develop. Unfortunately, the discussions these days become very hot specially when there are representatives of political parties. At times, they don't even bother to wait for their turn and will generate heat by interfering or cutting while the others are talking. The most pathetic scenario is when anchors also jump into the fray and put forward their own views or suppress the other speakers by interfering. It becomes boring at times. The stereotype discussions are becoming too common and the sole aim, many a times, seems to be gaining popularity or enhanced ranking without bothering for the quality of discussion or even relevance to the topic under discussion.


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    of late many 24X7 news channels are increasing in number. What news they will have all the time to show on the screen. So to make the time run, these discussion or brainstorming sessions have become a common phenomenon on all news channels. The topic they select is also not worthy to give that much time. All small small leaders also getting busy by participating in these meetings.
    When we have no other work and switch on the TV we will find many such programmes. The way in which they quarrel with each other is quite funny sometimes. The coordinator has to intervene and stop them. Otherwise they may beat each other also. As very well said by Mr.Bhuvaneswara rao, we need not see another movie ot comic scenes. They all will be there in this program and one will have lot of fun.

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    In this regard I wish to refer the V6 Telugu news channel with total Telangana dialect is giving Teen Maar news in different way. Away from the normal news, the channel focus on comic angle in the news that has happened in the last 24 hours and that is worth watching and enjoying. So what the author says is right. Now a days no one seeing comedy serials as many things are happening in news channel. And the Cyrus news on parody is something one should not miss which comes on every Sunday. Good that news channels understood the mood of the people and thus catering this way.
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