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    Should it take seven days to evaluate quiz answers from very few members?

    Should the contest author take seven days to evaluate the answers to a quiz? A quiz was conducted on 7/8 May 2017. The time allowed was only 24 hours to post our answers. Seven good days have lapsed. Yet no sign of result. Does it take so many days to evaluate the answers for which there is no alternative answers or confusion. The third contest in the series has already been announced. Very curious to know the quiz results.
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    Yes, it takes time. There is really no need to every now & then question the time it takes to evaluate a contest or quiz. There are obviously valid reasons. It is not deliberate.
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    Mr. Sun: How much time did you take to declare the result of your own quiz? How many Members responded? Just asking.
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    Your question has a reason. I left the thread open for 10 days to get old. When the thread got old, I was not with my desktop but with my mobile phone. I informed this fact through a thread on 12th May when I was reminded by one member on 11th May. I declared my result as announced on 14th May (Before 15th May) without fail. Sun is alone to conduct a contest, while ISC is not. It has a vast number of editors under the ISC command.

    I evaluate the answers as and when I receive it. It hardly takes few seconds to compare the answers with my answers. I don't delay it and don't wait to check it on the final day. It just took few minutes to type my quiz result. In any case, It should not take more than an hour to evaluate the answers, especially the quiz answers which has a definite and firm answer. Vandana's response is not convincing. There need be no confusion or discussion to announce the straight forward result. If the author is away on long leave, it should be informed or alternate arrangement should be made to evaluate and announce the result. ISC should not keep its members waiting for the result.

    ISC should ensure to announce the date of announcement of contest result too. It should be indicated in the contest announcement thread as below:

    Last date/closing date: 9th May 2017 (2359 hrs)
    Result declaration date: 16th May 2017 (1200 hrs)

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    Mr. Sun: I also organised my own contests of story-writing on given themes and quiz/riddles. I declared the result in every case within 6-8 hours of the deadline, gave detailed explanations and sent the awards to the winners. And there was no controversy in any of my contests.

    For your information please.

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    Fine. Where is 6-8 hours and where is 6-8 days? 6 x24 hrs = 144 hours. We can go around the world four times. Don't you think that it is too much time for ISC to evaluate a quick quiz answer?

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    The quiz conducted by ISC was unique with some best questions to which answers were tricky and the members did participate with enthusiasm. Nothing wrong if ISC takes time to declare results. We have to wait.
    K Mohan
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    Dear Mohan,
    There is nothing like unique or best questions and tricky answers in a quiz contest. The contest author is supposed to have prepared the questions and its definite answer well in advance. There cannot be two answers to one question. There cannot be a eleventh-hour alteration or change in answers. The contest author has already said it in her summary that the answers should match with her answer. Whenever, I conduct a quiz, I deposit my answers with the ME for safe custody to avoid any controversy after the declaration of the results.

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    The quiz was raised by the ISC and it need not deposit the requisite answer with any one. Time factor is important as opined by the author. And by the way there is no urgency on the part of ISC admin to fasten the corrections and declare results. Your way of working was good as you used to deposit the answers with the ME through mail but the same principal need not be followed by others. Nevertheless this quiz also accompanies with good points credits for each answers, the Admin must be taking some extra time to ensure fair correction and then declare the results. Please wait.
    K Mohan
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    There is no fair or unfair corrrection in a quiz contest. It is a very plain and transparent contest. We have trust in ISC editors who may not manipulate the results according to their whims and fancies to favour their favorite member. I do not doubt ISC, but I do not recommend such a prolonged delay in evaluating the answers and publishing the results. An evaluation would take time if it was story/article writing contest or a Group discussion, but never a quiz competition which is the easiest competition to evaluate in quick time. There is nothing sort of hurry or worry, but of sheer interest only.

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    It should not take so long, but the fact that it is taking longer than usual implies that there must be a good reason for it. I have an inkling what it might be, but do not think it is appropriate to put down my speculations in an open forum.

    Let us wait and watch – let the suspense last a little longer. It gives us something to do in the dog days.

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    In any case, I am not going to get any award in this contest, because on that particular day, I was out of station most of the time. I returned late at night and hurriedly submitted my response. But that is a separate issue.

    Let's wait to know the result.

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    I think the suspense is more about the correct answers since the responses have to match with the one's locked by the quizmaster. I was baffled by one question - I am waiting to check the answer to it.

    As far as winning is concerned, you can never tell – On one occasion my entry was submitted pretty late in the day, but I won the first prize for it.

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    #598401"I have an inclination what it might be, but do not think it is appropriate to put down my speculations in an open forum. "
    Again suspense and lead for something more?

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    Venkiteswaran - Is it not better to create suspense than creating a controversy. I will respond once the results are announced.
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    Now many competitions are going on the site. Probably all the editors are busy in designing these contests and working on them , before they release it out. At the same time they will have their regular routines to complete. That may be the reason for taking a long time. They will have their commitments to complete. We have to see from their angle also. Mr.Sun, as a participant, you may be eager to know the result,which is very common. Kindly wait for some more time. I wish you all the best.
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    @#598425; Juana,
    I agree.

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    Quiz is a quick time contest. The result is announced then and there. This was held on 7/8th May. I was on my journey. I kept on thinking the answers during my train journey from Bangalore to Tirunelveli. As I reached home, I opened my computer and posted the answer. There were few doubts for which I referred my dictionary. Since then, I am longing to see the result. I may get good marks or bad marks. That's not a problem. But the problem is to see the result as early as possible. Seven days is too much a time to announce the result of a quiz contest.

    I too could smell something. Something might have gone wrong somewhere as predicted by Ms. Juana. Let us wait for the result to show our satisfaction/dissatisfaction.

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