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    OBOR: One Belt One Road-China’s imminent danger.

    China: A huge economy growing at the fastest rate of any other major country, nearly 10%per year which is four times than that of US.It has world's highest production of steel, highest production of cement, manufactured products, highest production of coal, highest production of motor vehicles, highest consumption of electricity, building world's largest dams, world's largest water diversion projects…etc etc……..
    As US and European countries turning to protectionism, China is going all out with globalization. One Belt One Road initiative, another ambitious project, building miles and miles of roads, miles and miles of railway lines, miles and miles of gas pipelines, huge port facilities, huge power plants,etc…etc…spending trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars over a long years…………

    They want to rewrite history as "God created heaven …..then Earth…then everything made in China."

    Do you think this growth is sustainable?

    Behind its impressive statistics of growth and scale, economy lurks the fact that much of it based on outdated, inefficient and polluting technology. China"s production and exports contribute heavily on its pollution. Its air quality is dreadful .People have to wear face mask on the streets of many Chinese cities. Water quality is extremely poor and declining. Many of the industries are pollution intensive. If they grow at its present rate we can see a country buried in garbage.
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    Yes the growth of China with its planned way to out reach India and keep away other countries from its competition, that country is building huge infrastructure and facilities to showcase the world that nothing is better than China. But the author must know that India is not far behind. With the awareness created by the PM Modi and the need for strengthening swadesh products and services, slowly people are shunning the Chinese make and their products and that country is in quandary for loosing a biggest market in neighbor. If China can develop , we are also poised for big leap.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Neeraj, even if there is a setback to our economy in the past few years our track record is not that bad, even if not comparable with China. But things can change in a short period even. All we need to exhibit is determination and patriotic action. As pointed out by Mr. Mohan, India is a huge market for China. A shift towards Swadeshi can tilt the balance in our favour in coming years. As mentioned by you in your last para, any unplanned growth without human considerations is bound to produce a disaster. China is heading towards that and it can happen sooner than expected. But the million dollar question is - Will Indians do what they are supposed to do at this moment - both for strengthening Swadeshi and preventing Videshi?

    "Semper Sursum"

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    I have visited China and seen some of the industries there. Their concern for safety of human beings is very less. They spend very little for safety. As mentioned by Mr.Neeraj, their technologies are outdated and no concern for environment. That is the reason their products are cheap. They use all substandard parts.

    But they have very good infrastructure like nice airports, good roads, very nice railway lines etc. They controlled birth rate also very well.

    With all this, still I feel Indians are responsible for China's development. No other country purchase China made articles as we do. Once Indians can stop this, I think China will have lot of problem. We don't have good relations with China. So we should pledge that we will not use China articles. Then we can witness the downfall of China.

    always confident

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    It is a well established that Chinese products are of mediocre quality but their huge production and dumping these products in the world markets is as per their aggressive trade policy and expansionist strategy.

    Surprisingly China is the unique country which has utilized its huge work force in optimal manner. They are expert in huge projects based on their vast army of labours.

    One belt, one road is also a huge project and being envisaged for future trade pangs in this part of Asia and also for getting a strategic advantage from army movement angle.

    These Chinese attempts can be made futile only by one thing that is we have to increase our national production and show a solidarity to our country by using our items.

    Knowledge is power.

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    China has become a force to reckon with because of the ample labour force they have. We have been making noise here about the labour class being underpaid and lacking in basic civic amenities, but the situation is much bleak in China. Only difference is it is a communist nation with high handed censor mechanism which does not let the situation from being reported in the media. That is exactly why they have developed themselves economically as they have.
    The nation has become rich in a way, but has the condition or the quality of life improved? I strongly doubt.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    1."Their concern for safety of human beings is very less. They spend very little for safety."...

    2.."But they have very good infrastructure like nice airports, good roads, very nice railway lines etc."

    3. "Indians are responsible for China's development. No other country purchase China made articles as we do"

    All contradictions.
    Due to 1. Chinese things are cheap.
    Due to 2. other countries invest in China
    Due to 3, Chinese thrive.
    It is high time we started a movement boycott Chinese items.

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    I agree with Umesh. Chinese strategy to produce things in large quantity and then dump them in International market for throw away prices does create ripples in the local market of that country. For example Chinese chappals have found their place in Indian market and especially in Hyderabad we find more liking by the people. The color, the size, the looks make instant response to the hawai chappal which are cheaper when compared to the local established brands. The traders are also getting huge margin and hence they are recommending only Chinese foot wear to the locals for long life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As per my knowledge of Economics, growth above 7% p.a. is not sustainable in long term. China will slowly fall from their high growth rate attained during late 90s and early 2000s. There are various factors behind it. High pollution, scant regard for labour welfare, forced implemntation of one child norm, developmental inequality, are some of the reasons behind this imminent downfall. Already their growth rate has been slowing.
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    China has reached its maximum potential in manufacturing at low costs for more than three decades and is no more a nation with cheap labour. It has kept its currency at low rates for decades and cannot keep doing it forever. China is looking for new opportunities to save their economy and also its workforce is getting older. It cannot breach sovereignty? of India and also cannot leave it alone as it is a huge market. China is a leader in manufacturing and India is a leader in services. Manufacturing needs raw materials, transport, infrastructure primarily. Services need human resources and technology. India and China together can make wonders but it is not possible due to politics. The Chinese government is making plans to build OBOR and is constructing ports to increase its dominance in Indian ocean, which is not in favour of India. I also have a thought that China is trying to colonize countries like Pakistan which are poor in the pretext of projects like OBOR that are not built in the interest of local people, Chinese and politicians of Pakistan only get benefitted which such projects. Let us hope for the best for both India and China tha5 both leaderships come to an agreement and work collaboratively to remove poverty, improve health care, increase safety, good infrastructure especially in rural areas and improve education.

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