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    Why opposition parties fail to maintain peace in assembly when taken oath at BAC meeting ?

    Before start of any assembly, the ruling party government convenes a meeting of all the political parties and put before them the agenda to be discussed during the assembly sessions so that fruitful deliberations, suggestions and views can be discussed. Most of the parties agree for that agenda but when the real session starts, they behave strangely disrupting the house and proceedings there by denying the rights of the people to discuss the issues inside the assembly. This has been happening in every assembly. How to avoid this confrontation attitude of opposition ?
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    I think opposition parties have taken the word 'opposition' literally. They fee that they will fail in their duty and their presence will not be registered unless they oppose. This position is maintained in the parliament as well in the assemblies. There may be variations in the degree of opposition from state to state but the main theme remains the same - Opposition'.
    Interestingly the ruling parties blame the opposition for this but do the same when they perform their role as opposition.
    A glaring example of this is the opposition of introduction of Aadhar Card when it was introduced in the Parliament by the then ruling party. But the same party has now embraced it and going full throttle to operationalise it in every sphere. Without naming any party and going to the nitty-gritty of the issue, I would say that It was a case of opposing for the sake of opposition because you are in the opposition of the present Government.


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    No useful discussion will take place in assembly/parliament. The duty of Opposition party is to say "NO" to whatever the ruling party proposes. They are not interested in really understanding the issue and not really interested in protecting the interest of public. Their sole aim is to see that government will not perform and next time the present ruling party should become opposition party.

    Ruling party members also will not deliberate anything good. Always their motto is to counter opposition party. A lot of money is being wasted in these sessions. All texe payers money is wasted like this.

    But this is the way of our democracy. We are helpless

    always confident

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