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    Existence of Alpha Males

    Have you ever come across such a term known as Alpha Males? If so, who are they according to you in your opinion? Do they exist in the real world or is it just a myth?
    The things that I have heard about them is that an Alpha male is one who is strong, bold, tall, confident, wealthy, brave and an intelligent person. All these qualities in one single person. Is it possible in reality or they are only seen in movies? What is your opinion and views about it? Please share.
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    I have come across the term in a few wildlife documentaries aired on National Geographic. The alpha male is the leader of the pack, the one who fathers the offspring. He is the strongest and the only one with whom the female of the species mate. Band of Gorillas, Lion prides and even wild donkeys have alpha males.

    In humans, the alpha male is 'probably' the head of the family - as he dominates over other members. He is the one whom everyone is scared of. Like it is shown in our movies.

    I think the concept of the alpha male varies in different cultures and societies. In college, the one who commands most respect and has most friends would be the alpha male. In a slum, the 'goonda' would be the alpha male - or at least behave like one.

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    Alpha males are known as the leaders of the group. These men are self-assured and funny and come across as the life of the party. They attract women easily and seem comfortable in their own skin. In business, an alpha male is usually in a leadership position. Generally MD of a company will be the alpha male for that company. In some families wife will be the alpha male for that family

    In the animal kingdom: a physical form of dominance over other males. The alpha male lion claims sexual rights to all females.

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    So far as animals are concerned, the head of the herd is called alpha male. Generally the herd is led by males (gender inequality?). So far as human beings are concerned, 'handsome hunk' (generally filmstar/model, etc.) is called alpha male. But it is stated that the amount of grey matter in the brains of alpha males is marginally lower than the grey matter available in an average male.
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    I haven't come across many. Yeah sure I've seen tall and masculine young men but never came across a magnetic and authoritative person. I think authority is the most important trait that an alpha should possess. And an alpha must be universally likable. Loved by family and friends, admired by rivals and enemies.
    An.alpha should stay strong even in the most overwhelming situation.

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    What I feel that Alpha male existence may not be possible as so many qualities in person cannot be imagined and the God is not that kind enough to bestow so many good qualities in a person. The nature of human being is designed by the God in such a way that if wealth is given he has to suffer as ill person. If he is having talent, he has to remain poor, if he has all the abilities to show case as the performer, he would be denied the access. This kind of trail balance is maintained by the God to check over confidence in the human being and hence I feel the Alpha Male concept is fictitious.
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    For humans it is a media created modern term. When the society is trending towards real practical equality , terms such as Alpha male etc . are unwarranted. Modern media and media men coin new usages and if that gets spread by repetition, it stays and the ordinary people who lap up anything new lap up these also.
    There are some other coined terms like MetroMale, Metrosexual etc.

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