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    Movie Sequels in India

    I have observed that most of the time the sequels of a movie made especially in India are not that successful when compared to Hollywood movies. The recent blockbuster film Baahubali 2 is said to be very boring and did not stand out according to people's expectation. It was the majority response from the public.
    So why is it a sequel to any film in India mostly a flop? Please share your views about it.
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    Sequel of any movie would necessarily mean continuation of the story of a movie made earlier or development of the theme of an earlier movie. The prerequisite of this would necessitate that a person should have seen the movie earlier so that a comparison is made on watching its sequel.
    Also, there is an image of the first movie retained in the mind of a movie-goer and with that background he or she has expectations from the sequel. Many a times the level of the previous movie is not maintained or perceived to be maintained by the person watching squeal. This results in frustration and reflects on the success of the sequel. I understand that the initial responses of persons coming out of Baahubali 2 have been very good but if at all your observation about this movie is true then it would mean it has not come to your expectation because the image about this movie that you carried with you after watching the previous Baahubali. If Hollywood sequels are more successful then the producer there might be keeping this background in mind. I hope I am not sounding philosophical.


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    A sequel of a movie is continuation of the movie which was made earlier. They need not name it as 1 &2. They can name it differently also. The sequel should come at the earliest possible so that the first movie will be in the minds of all the people. Then it will be successfui. But Indian sequels may be getting released after a very long gap and people won't remeber the first part. Sometimes the producers try to release agian for the second time the first part a little ahead of sequel, so that people see both. But it is proved to be unsuccessful.
    bahubali 2 as i hear is a very big hit and still going great in many theaters with record collections. Even an interview with the directod was telecasted by BBc, I understand. But what you have mentioned is other way round. Anyhow that is not a point of discussion.

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    Your observation may be right on one side that the expectation is too much and always the first thrill will not be there again. Hence Bahubali 1 would have strike the stroke which might not happened with sequel. But commercially it got hit that is what projecting and also there may be prequel of the same once again

    I have even experienced the same on my sequel in ISC(I expected some good comments as well as some appreciation of award from editor) but in vain. This is just for fun I am sharing and nothing like reporting or otherwise.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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