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    Ransomware Cyberattack, its Impact and Personal Experience, if any

    For the past two days or so many individuals and organisations are impacted adversely by the Ransomware Cyberattack. Banks, schools, hospitals and some business houses experienced breakdown of their computers. More specifically, British health services are known to the first target. Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia and many other countries suffered paralysis of some of their services including transport, banking, factories; etc.
    In India, some ATMs have reportedly been shut and negative impact has been reported in Kerala and West Bengal. Many of us received messages from unknown origin which were subsequently shared on Whatsapp by many.
    The purpose of my raising this thread is to find out if any of the members of ISC has some personal experience of this Cyberattack. Have any of us taken serious view of this and also taken precautions? Do you think there is a threat even now? Or any other information they may like to share for the benefit of others.
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    For the past two days or so, many individuals and organisations are impacted adversely by the Ransomware .
    I have received many alerts on this issue. Many advised not to open emails which has attachments with a particular title of file.

    In our office we have not put on our internet till 4 PM yesterday. Today also same fear is going on. My brother a bank employee who works on computerisation and ATMs, received many calls from the branches regarding this problem. Many are advising not to do any online bank transactions for a couple of days. I don't know when this problem will get sorted out.

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    There are lots of news items about this software menace and as advised we are not opening any emails specially from unknown sources.

    It seems bigger systems and banks are the target of this attack. At smartphone level at present there are not many concerns as people are surfing the net in it only and avoiding big computer systems at office or institutions. The exact depth to which this threat has entered will be known in a few days but till then we have to take precautions as being informed in various information channels.

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    The Ransomware attack has been believed to be likely to affect the banking system severely. Some banks have shut down a few ATMs as a precautionary measure. If you want to stay safe, never open any unknown link - I would rather say, never open any site unless you really need to. Facebook and other social media can be much helpful in spreading the menace more widely. Moreover, we have the bad habit of forwarding everything we get inside our inbox quite blindly. It would be a good habit to avoid this tendency.
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    What I feel that the cyber hacking has been done deliberately on big accounts across the Internet and the Ransomware attack was targeting big government web sites, police force, Military establishments and Intelligence set up across the world. For the normal people like me nothing has happened so far. My back accounts, my personal computer, my cell phone data are safe and working. Therefore for ordinary persons we need not worry about cyber attack. But one should be careful not to open any new apps without recommended by others and thus caution be taken by every net user.
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    Cyber hacking should be an eye opener for most of us and we must put a restraint on our daily activities. We should be cautious while operating our face - book account and the sights with which we are not familiar should be discarded hence forth. However, Ransome has a larger persepective by hacking the sites of the Government - establishments in order to extract huge money by way of ransome. Now let us wait for the ultimate outcome which will be perceivable in a couple of days.

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    Most of the computers have a 64-bit operating system or even less than that. This 'wannacry' is 256-bit encrypted, which means that the computers with a 256-bit operating system can only decrypt it.

    This 'wannacry' comes in a '.exe' file. So, do not open any '.exe' file at all.

    Secondly, take a back-up of your data in an external hard disk as soon as possible. By doing that, one can upload the data on an unaffected computer and can get on with his daily job.

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    Unfortunately this would have emboldened many others to try similar nuisance and damages.
    The world had to face a man-made menace AIDS. There were many speculations and almost sure guesses about how AIDS originated and spread.
    The creation and spread of the present hacking menace is also in similar genus.

    I have my own nagging doubt that are these not the commercial greediness of some players who are already in the field and who only will be benefitted by creating such scare and /or loss. We may never get to know the truth.

    It is high time that India has to pool its brains and talents for creating measures to safeguard our interests and nation as a whole from such a menace. Just as they said about Kaliyug, these things will only be increasing in future. Adharma in this Yug can be in these ways and not on the traditional ways understood till now.

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    Daily we are coming across the news that so many sites are being hacked and made disable and that creates a doubt in my mind about the safety and secure of our site India Study Channel. I want to ask our Web Master Tony as how safe is our site and is there any chance for hacking by malware software. So many twitter accounts of great personalities are hacked. TTD religious services computer programs are hacked, In AP many government department computers are hacked and this gives doubt about our site too. Hope our Web Master taking all precautions on this matter.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My daughter warned me not to use my credit/debit cards on line or off line in malls or ATMs or for any other purpose due to the recent cypher attack. She suggested me that there may not be any problem if I continue my work with India Study Channel.

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