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    Speaking in English or injecting English words into vernacular speech

    Indian vernacular has absorbed considerable English words that we do not even recognize them for English for the want of a matching substitute in our local languages for many of them. The few unavoidable words that I have noticed across India are "switch, screw, motor, pump (there are many others I concede but none to mind right now! Forgettery!) However this post is not about English words many Common Wealth Nations have absorbed into their colloquial but English words that are redundant in speech but used all over the English speaking world. provides six words which can ruin a sentence. Whether in Prose or Speech is not clarified but the context is understandable. FYI, these are "Actually, Literally, Basically, Honestly, Like, Obviously. That was about the English speaking world. (US citizens might beg to differ! They call it 'American' rather than 'bastardized English' and is fully North American). They do not 'actually' ruin a sentence but usually is the speaker's intention to embellish the speech by a modicum of sincerity by him or her.
    In my notice are the words we Indians use for no reason but other than above. Nonetheless, those who are familiar with spoken (Indian)English or rather who are fluent in speaking English as it should be spoken rather than a impromptu translation from the mother tongue or everyday language of the speaker may feel a bit put off by the constant use of these redundant words.
    The words I speak (or write) about are "Actually, Basically, Really, No No No, Yes Yes Yes! English speaking Indians with limited (intentional or unintentional) exposure or an affinity to US culture rarely uses words 'Honestly or Like'. It is worthwhile to listen to these redundant words spoken in a conversation with the speaker not meaning them at all.
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    Many speakers will have the habit of using one common word during their talk, even though that word is not required. This a way they try to get some time to continue their words.

    I noticed this many times with many reader.

    In Indian languages we mix lot of english words while talking. This is the stamp of british rule on us. Any one sentence without using an english word is very difficult. As you said there is no equivalent word or we don't know the equivalent word.

    always confident

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    While speaking in Indian vernacular language it is not possible to translate the words from English to those language in toto. The other day I came across a thread posted in this forum where in a seminar has been organized in Mysore about the same topics. How best we can translate English to other language of any content, prose or poetry or vice versa. It seems even the best literates are unable to do full justice on this matter, and some where we are bound to use the English word as it is to convey the meaning properly to the reader or net user. This is the fact which cannot be denied.
    K Mohan
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    We should not compare anything with other countries as our country is secular in language, religion etc., comparing to other western or eastern countries. In our country the English established as a language only because of British. However our generations got a good strong basic in English through them and now we people speak a good English rather than them. Now as our country is ruled as different states we do have our own different languages in spite we do not forget English. We find our present generation is following American English.But the pity is they are telling our British English is mistake. However, we should speak and learn languages more than one is really essential. when I was in service with a leading Manufacturers we were having branches all over India and whenever I used to go to the branches and government related functions I used to speak respective languages to the works done easily. Speaking in English is good only where the particular language we do not know and in that situation we should use the English as communicative Language.

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