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    Dear Members, why some of you didn’t participate in the article contest?

    The article contest on 'How to become .." has ended.
    I am initiating this thread to elicit the actual feedback from members who participated and not participated even though they noticed the announcement.

    My intention is to remind and make aware that article writing contests are a good opportunity to write articles and earn, for those who do not have knowledge about key words and SEO parameters. I am one such member. I do not know about SEO, keywords and bringing traffic. Hence I have written very less number of articles. Majority of them are for article contests. As far as possible I participate in such contests.

    I have seen many members write articles otherwise but not seen them participate in this contest.I have also seen potential writers posting forum threads. They could have written a couple of articles at least in this contest.

    Article contests (which were earlier announced as keyword based resource contests) are announced on topics with keywords researched and found with trending traffic. Hence the writers need not worry about searching for a suitable keyword that will fetch traffic in the coming days or weeks. It is relatively easy for members to write on a selected topic rather than write on some topics which may or may not fetch readers and traffic.

    So I request members to participate in contests where a keyword or topic is given for writing forum threads or articles. These have more probability fetching cash credits, even if not selected for a prize. AdSense probability also may be better. So good participation with quality contribution in such contests is beneficial to members and ISC .
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    Yes it is quite useful to participate in this contest. I am reading articles regularly that are posted in this site.It will improve our knowledge about english and also improve our skills. I have not written many articles. I have written about 5 or so articles only. Still they are waiting for clearance. Some authors are participating very regularly and submitting many good articles. I hope I will also increase my num,ber of articles once the pending are cleared. It is a good experience to participate in these contests.
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    I know the author is targeting me and seeking explanation as to why I am shying away from articles and articles contest. Right from the beginning I am not well versed nor accustomed to create lengthy contents and since I am habituated to write on own when things flash in mind, writing articles with short notes is not advisable and hence I desisting myself away from the article section. However I do visit the section and If I find some useful articles to which I am comfortable to respond, I shall do the same forth with.. I am comfortable at forum and that is giving me immense satisfaction.
    K Mohan
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    It's summer time which means either family vacation time or frequent power cuts and internet connectivity problem. I think this could be the reason why some of the good authors couldn't participate in the contest. I too wanted to post at least 10 articles but could submit only 4 as it's vacation time for my little daughter and am spending most of the time with her, taking her to short trips.
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    @#598449 : No, Mohan, I never had you specifically in my mind. It was a general poser. I did not see many experienced and established article writers of our site. It appeared as if the whole quota was given to just a few members by others abdicating. That will naturally lead to a situation that we may see same names repeated in all prizes and awards.That will not look nice. It will prompt silent withdrawal by others thinking that they are not capable.
    Unless we attempt how we will know our potential? As I have said in earlier occasions also, we do not want just shooting stars but consistently glittering and stable stars. For this wider participation is necessary.
    With more quantity only we can expect more quality.
    (Personally, I had also problems. I had to be out of station for a couple of days for attending a relative's marriage. I lost two and half days as there was no net connectivity due to damage to BSNL equipments from lightning. I had to attend two social events also where I have some responsibility. Otherwise I would have posted more articles. My intention is not blame, but encouraging to participate)

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    There may be another reason behind less participation. Some Members write articles according to their convenience and in their chosen subject(s). They may not be fully comfortable with writing articles on a given theme or general topic.
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    I am also at vaccation with my family and could submit only two articles. I am unable to post artcles andto contribute in different section for more one week. I am posting this rezponse through my cell phone and its very difficult for me.
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    I am not interested in this article writing competition as I first need to Learn How to write a good article.
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