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    For knowledge you study and for Wisdom you observe

    Most of us are having wide knowledge on many matters and some times we are baffled to see so much detailing even on small and trivial issues. When people are interested to know more about knowledge and expanding their base, then why they are lagging behind in observance. By observing things, one can have better more understanding and append the things in much better way. Even the students are good at studies and when we ask about their observance of things, they are zero. So in future be a good observer and the studies would come automatically.
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    Mr. Mohan, The subject is good. But you might not have generalised your views. How can we say that students are good at studies and observance is zero. They will also observe and learn new things. Wisdom is using your knowledge wisely and making it useful. A student after his studies will be asked to go for project work or case studies. When they do that they will improve their wisdom by applying their knowledge in work. They try to apply their knowledge in the work. I know people created machines by observing the machine in other factories. Some may not have observance but not all definitely.
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    We observe with our eyes. But we get knowledge from every input sensory organ of our body. Even those who have problems with vision use the other sense organs and the analytical faculty for comprehension and knowledge.

    Wisdom is the practical application of our acquired knowledge for getting out of or preventing and avoiding difficult situations for ourselves or for others.
    Observation and getting wise just makes it easy rather than experiencing everything oneself and then knowing it.

    Study is a some systemic way of knowing something. Observation is a shortcut and indirect method.

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    Knowledge is acquired with education and books while wisdom comes with application of that knowledge and experience derived and gained therein.

    Wisdom attainment is a very long process as we learn many things after repeated mistakes and failures. Wisdom is the nutshell result of lifetime experiences.

    Knowledge is power.

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