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    Digging into archives can be interesting and informative

    It is a guaranteed time pass to dig into the past and go through the photo albums and diary notes well after the events or incidents in your life happened and got recorded either in memory or in writing on paper or as audio and video.
    It is similar to go through the old forum threads and discussions in ISC pages.

    I was searching for something else and I happened to hit on an archived forum thread initiated by me. In 2011, barely about a week after I joined ISC. I give the link for it below:
    Can demonetising Rs 1000,Rs500 currency notes curb black money?

    In September 2011, another forum thread was posted with similar title.
    Ref: ( forum/75729-Can-stopping-rupees-will-stop.aspx)

    The demonetisation really happened five years later in November 2011

    That time we had a well debated GD on demonetisation

    So am I not correct when I say once again that ISC members get it earlier ? We can also know how we have progressed or remained consistent or changed colours .A way of self retrospection and introspection.
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    Quite interesting, Venkiteswaran! Firstly, because you raised this issue about 6 years prior to its actual happening. I wish somebody in the Government could have taken cognisance of this great suggestion. But apart from others which may be ideological, there was one practical hitch i.e. Baba Ram Dev. He was not a name tolerated at that point of time.
    Secondly, one can peep into archives not only to know what was contributed at that point of time but also to see the quality of contribution and, by comparison, the qualitative/ idiological change in the ideas over these number of years.
    In a lighter vein, Venkiteswaran, you may now make some predictions about the next Government at Centre or States and review these in 2019 and later.


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    Isn't that great! So demonetisation was rather an anticipated move. I have no idea how ISCians predicted the future.
    I surely would like to check myself.
    I will check the older posts too because I joined ISC only recently.

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    Very kind of author for digging the past thread in ISC on demonetization which was long back discussed and debated threadbare and that has happened on Nov 8th 2016. This clearly proves that ISC members have the vision and also have the thinking power of what is going to happen in future. Time and again our members also predicted who would be the CM or the party to acquire power in the election state and that has become reality. And predicting today, what I feel that there is no alternative to PM Modi and BJP as on today and hence BJP would sweep power for another two terms. This is my prediction. And KCR would stay in Telangana as CM .
    K Mohan
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    It is really very interesting to know that Mr. Venkiteswaran initiated a thread on demonetisation. It is also interesting that a GD was organised in November 2011 to discuss domentisation. If I consider my own case, I had very vague idea about the issue at that time.

    I go through old Articles of ISC regularly. I feel some of those articles are very interesting. I try to read my old Articles and Forum posts of my own. But the search process in ISC does not always give accurate result.

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    I wont agree with Partha that search response of this site is not giving accurate results. It all depends on how you type in the search box and that leads to the exact information. As per me our search box information gives exact result.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very Interesting to note that Mr. Venkiteswaran, predicted the move of PM 5 years before. Very good to note that ISC members are so proactive and making the site a very good site for all the ages. Bur five years back UPA government was in power and promoted many bleak money creators. So they might not have liked the concept. After BJP has taken over, we have not heard even a single scam at higher levels. They are for removing black money from the society. They are trying hard.

    it is always better to go and read old items of this site. that will improve our understanding of many issues. Especially threads and articles are very helpful. Always we say, "Old is Gold". Thank you Mr. Venkiteswaran for an important posting.

    always confident

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    So, would it be logical to conclude that our Prime Minister had just put in place an idea mooted by Sri Ramdev? I think so. The demonetization drive, as was discussed in certain forums, seems to have been influenced by the saffron clad businessman Sadhu and team!And in that perspective, we will have to wait for the results of the actual intention behind such a drive to conclude whether the demonetization drive was indeed effective as proposed and promoted.
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