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    Ransomware Cyber-Attack - Very Dangerous

    A major ransomware cyber-attack currently underway across the world. The malware, being called "Wanna Decryptor" or "Wanna Cry" encrypts files and makes them inaccessible until a ransom is paid.

    How can we avoid?

    While no single solution is full-proof, the following are recommended:

    · Refrain from clicking any links and attachments in email - Clicking on links and attachments in email should be avoided unless the file and source are known. Even if the sender is known, be suspicious. If you did not expect the email, call the sender to confirm they sent it. Wanna Cry has been reported to come from fake invoices, job offers and other lures. Within the email is a .zip file, and once clicked it initiates the WannaCry infection.

    · Check email sender - Verify the message is legitimate. If not delete the message and report it

    · Check Content – If you are not sure of an email whether internal or external question it.

    · Internet Browsing- Only download files from a trusted source and clicking on links in email should be avoided. It is safer to visit any site mentioned in email directly.

    Here is what should we do:

    1. check that your computer systems are patched with the latest security patches
    2. Be in touch with your antivirus vendor to confirm that you are using the latest versions
    3. continuously monitor the environment for any possible infections.
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    A major cyber attack. All are worrying about this only. From the last 3 days no internet connection in the office. By mistake somebody opens an attachment of mail unknowingly whole system will get spoiled. So we are not allowing anybody connect to Internet.

    The tips mentioned are good but are they adequate?

    How long it will continue like this?

    always confident

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    Very informative and helpful tips given by the author.

    Whenever such large scale attack of malware is there, the experts and anti virus companies take some time for remedial measures and completely removing the threat from the internet. Till such times we have to be very cautious and keep in close contact with reliable IT news.

    Please remember that people creating these havoc are also equally knowledgeable and experienced as our IT experts. So we can not underestimate them.

    Knowledge is power.

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    What I feel that for Individuals this kind of cyber attack does not matter. But for those companies, organizations which store secret data in the internet are vulnerable to cyber attack and they must keep tab by not indulging any unwanted downloads. When computers can be attacked , there are every chance of even our smart phones also be attacked. So never store any secret codes or accounts in the phone or computer and better to have a written copy of that. The cyber experts are taking extra precaution and devising how to overcome such attacks in future. Soon solution could be found.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I did not personally interact with someone who become victim of this ransomattack worm. But still feel this can happen again. This is sign that people should prefer to stay updated with technology. I still did not heard if any Indian paid to get it his data decrypted. What would happen if we disconnect system from internet. Will it become forever lock. My friend has similar problem when his computer has suddenly started flashing to pay some amount to unlock computer. Fortunately we forced shutdown it. Disconnected internet and turned it on and that flashing is gone.
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