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    Modi Government's three years

    Narendra Modi Government will be completing three years in power on 26th May (?). A recent survey of over two lakh voters has indicated that while 61 per cent of citizens are happy with the Government, the number of those dissatisfied with the Modi government has risen by three percentage points. However, the party's performance under the leadership of Modi and Amit Shah has been improving in elections after election. However, I am raising this thread for a different purpose.

    During these three years, Modi Government has started one after another new and novel scheme. In foreign affairs, The Government has been increasing contacts all over the world. This Government has taken very strong steps against corruption. The pretrol prices are coming down rapidly. Military matters are being settled by armed forces people.

    I would like to know from Members about three most popular/effective measures taken by the Government during these three years. Kindly also state why these measures (in any field) are significant for the country.

    Let's discuss the performance of the Government. Let's criticise constructively.
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    The most important decision taken by Modi government was about the demonetization and the total black money is out of the system now. And the surgical strike done on Pakistan has once again proved that Modi Government can take harsh decisions when the security of the country is at peril. The third big achievement is intervening of International Court of Justice in Jhadav case. For the first time India went to the extent of ICJ on this issue and that proves Modi Government has good relations with other countries and they are supporting every move of India against Pakistan and now Modi is more popular abroad than in India.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Mr. Mohan: The third one (in your list) is only a reactive measure. Although this step speaks of our determination, it is not one of the best steps of the Government. You please talk about 'Make in India' scheme. The huge potential, even if partially achieved, will chnage the face of the country in ten years. You may also talk about various infrastructure scheme like creation of roadways and work in power sector. These two are very important.
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    I also rate India's self reliance in Space program. Our ISRO team is now going commercial to launch satellites for other countries and the success rate is cent percent. I do agree that Make in India scheme is a good initiation but what I feel that marketing the make in India products has become challenging and thus there is wait and watch for this scheme from Big initiators. And as regards to developing of big highways , it is the good step forward for easy transportation but at the same time it is burden for road users as at every short distance there is toll plaza which charges for the road usage and thus lorries operating on highways would be spending more on the toll plaza and that cost would be having cascading effect on the products sold. Even bus passengers are feeling the pinch of toll plaza fees and that is being collected through enhanced tickets..
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Under the leadership of Mr.Modi, the present government is doing many good things for the development of the country.
    My first favourite scheme is privatisation of defence production and increasing foreign investment in India for defence products. All these days our government factories are manufacturing very less than required and we depend on foreign countries for import, where we are loosing lot of foreign exchange. Under this Make in India program government is trying to bring so many foreign countries to India and promote joint ventures with Indian companies. We will see the benefits of this in our near future.

    Another program is Swachh Bharat. Lot of awareness is coming in people. Many are trying to improve the neatness. Recently I was in Vizag. One school boy kept the paper of the chocolate in his pocket after eating the chocolate. I asked him why can't you throw out that paper. The boy replied, the area will become untidy if everyone do this. I felt very happy for his reply. Visakhapatnam stood third in the list of smart cities.

    I hope under the leadership of this great man our country will go to very new heights in near future. I hope our voters will give him another term for doing good.

    always confident

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    Government's effort to make India self-sufficient in defence production and increase in FDI in defence sector is indeed praiseworthy. However, it is unfortunate that 'Swachh Bharat' scheme is not being implemented with complete sincerity in all states.

    Members can mention other schemes of the present Government which would help India to achieve its full economic potential.

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    The cleanliness drive undertaken by the Modi government is doing wonders. The Railways has taken it as prestigious to keep their stations clean. So Vizag station won the first prize and the Secunderabad adjudged as the second best Railway station. On finding the reason for second rank to Secunderabad it is stated that non presence of toilet facility on platform number one was the only reason not getting the first position as the cleanest station in the country. So the clean drive under Swachh Bharath Mission has really created cleanliness habit in Railways and we are treated with hygienic way of living on the platform with clean and flushed rail tracks, no cockroaches inside the coaches, and above all for every one hour total cleaning is done with mopping and washing the entire platforms . That is ensuring beggar free platform too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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