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    My best wishes to the webmaster and entire admin of ISC

    Hi, members this is Jeets and I would like to say something.

    I'm forced to post this thread under a new profile as the Webmaster had to say his last words in Why my post deleted thread and block out all my usual IP addresses. This is the same approach carried out by editors too (now I feel it's not editors fault if they do so).

    Let me first make it clear that I'm posting this thread not for making the editors or the Webmaster understand my feelings as a normal member, but because my other fellow members must know what irked me so much.

    In the GD (EIP vs VIP) my one of the response I example that editors think big of themselves here in Isc and what subsequently happened with me only proved I was right. Just because I said that editors think they are big, my response was deleted without any notice. Secondly, a member editor in the same GD shouting in her response that some of members posts are irrelevant. How can she say that? It is just because she is an editor, her reply is only relevant? Yes, I asked this too to that member. Was it wrong? or against the forum policy? Now, can anybody tell me that what authority ISC editors have over my name? If I ask someone to reply it with my proper name. Is this against the forum policy?

    Forum is a place where we are free to express our opinions and it is my strong opinion that ISC editors like saji expect sycophancy to be graded as a good member here. When something is said by a person who is not liked by the editors it becomes a big issue and if the same thing is said by a 'good member' then they can see the truth in it! Some might agree with me and some might not but this is my own strong opinion based on my experiences gained from my long years of association with this site. If members can't express their candid opinions about this site and you expect only goody goody comments, then please declare it aloud instead of silently deleting? responses and blocking members.

    Having said that, I do agree that may be it would have looked too much but I don't think that it is rocket science to understand that I had said that out of sheer disappointment with your substandard? rules and anger of being treated unfairly. I ask you, when this forum has seen so many senior members throwing abusive words even at lady members and the Webmaster could then sit back and relax, it's astonishing to see his other side wake up only when something is said against his editors. If members get penalized with point reduction even for a simple thing like unknowingly posting responses to old threads, then what penalty is given to editors for deleting responses which are well within the rules of the site but still deleted just because it's not in consensus with the editor's view!

    Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that you did not do the right thing by blocking me and swindling away the money I earned by investing my time and effort here. It is just not ethical to deprive someone to get his/her own money (remember I have still not submitted my last Invoice).

    Anyway I am not going to collect my money because I am blocked with my profile. So, I request the great Webmaster of the ISC to buy some sweets from my earned money and distribute it to editors and admin, I am sure they will feel much more happier.

    I am done now, you can block my this ip too anyway I am not going to come back and reply.
    Thank you members for your love and support.
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    We haven't blocked your IP addresses but we blocked your user account for repeated violation. By making a statement that you will physically handle the editors, you have gone beyond all levels. Your account was suspended for 30 days as a warning but it may become a permanent ban if you continue the violations.

    We do not have a system to use your money to buy chocolates. If your account remains suspended, you may submit the invoice by email and claim the money.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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