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    Why don't Members post sports-related thread or article?

    Since my joining I have noticed that in ISC, the number of threads or articles relating to various sports is very few and far-between. Very very occasionally Mr. Ajai Vikram Singh and Mr. Jeets used to post some threads or article(s) based on cricket. Mr. Bhushan also raised some threads on cricket, but I don't consider these threads were related to cricket. In my opinion, these threads always raised doubts whether matches were fixed or not. Other sports were almost non-existent. I tried to raise some threads and quiz on hockey, badminton and Olympics, but the responses were not very satisfactory. Now Mr. Ajai Vikram Singh has been absent for a long time and Mr. Jeets has been unfortunately ousted from this platform, so the sports-related threads and articles have become zero.

    As I firmly believe that 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy', I have decided that from tomorrow onwards, I would raise some threads and articles on various sports (not only cricket) to prevent this platform to be dull (only joking)! I would also request other Members to write sports-related threads and articles.

    I hope that I would receive adequate response from the Members.
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    By the way ISC is not forcing us to choose a particular topic and raise articles or threads. It is purely the choice of the respective authors who are comfortable in their own thinking capacity to churn out the contents on a particular subject. Some members are good at English grammar and they prefer writing articles on that. Some are good at music and instruments, they may write articles on that. Female members are good at recipes and new menu they have recently tasted and passed. So they share such contents. Therefore now that you have decided to share on sports related articles, you are welcome and there is no competition at all.
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    It is true that nobody is posting any threads related to sports. As far as I am concerned I don't know much about sports. I only read the news and feel happy if our people doing a good job. I watch cricket on TV. I discuss about this game with my two sons. So I many be able to raise good threads on this front. However it is good some articles are coming we can read them and improve our knowledge.
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    Very interesting thread. Sports is a big field and we talk about it occasionally. I am also surprised to that extent.

    We are academic does not imply that we will only talk literature, current affairs and politics.

    I think we can try some threads where rules of playing a particular game can be discussed or people can clear their doubts about a game which is not popular but you happen to see it in TV.

    Knowledge is power.

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