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    Should ISC provide privacy?

    I know that title doesn't make much sense and can be misleading but here's what I think-
    We have visitors and message sections right? And both are public.
    I wish visitors and message sections weren't public. What if I want to correct a person on something?
    Or tell him how offending his last response was? I don't want such things to be seen by others. That would humiliate both of us. Maybe that's the reason why there are seldom any messages in ISC.
    Moreover messaging in private can improve our friendship, don't you think?
    I would like to know what my fellow ISCians are like. I know that ISC isn't a typical social networking site but it isn't a typical educational site either.
    Moreover knowing each other through messaging will only lead to a better content in ISC.
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    I do appreciate the perception of the author seeking privacy in our site. But it is well known fact that ISC is the only educational platform which is more transparency and we get that pride because every activity being done here is visible and there is no hide and seek game. The members are free to send messages and even advise from desisting posting irrelevant responses to their threads. ISC has been maintain this transparency policy from the beginning and hence the author suggestion may not be valid. Moreover our editors are having vigil over offending responses and the members were punished for their over riding forthwith.
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    I consider ISC as an educational site only. I don't think it is for social networking. The site provides a platform for its members to showcase their abilities and knowledge in various fields for the benefit of students and other members. Really articles section is very educative. It is under the vigilance of Editors and administration. Any unwanted comments and posts are being edited or removed by them. So I feel that it is good to be transparent.
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    Guess you missed why I asserted in the first place. It's great with transperency but what if you wanted to send a private
    message to another member. Things always needn't be public. I think privacy must be looked after by ISC.

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