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    Self imtroduction of new member

    I am Aliasgar and belong to rampura. I have just joined this site, i am a stusent of ninth standard.i have joined this site to improve my english and knowledge.
    Please guide me how to start.
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    A warm welcome Aliasgar, to ISC, the best educational site in India! It is good that you have a clear aim in joining this site and let me assure you that your interest and commitment along with active participation in different sections and contests will surely help you in improving your grasp over English language. Be ready to accept your mistakes and put in efforts to correct them; you will surely improve in due course.

    Please read and understand the Posting Guidelines to different sections and also other Help Topics before becoming active here. Going through a few of the earlier posts will also help you to become acquainted with the requirements of this site. Please do not use SMS language and never post copied contents.

    Take your own time to know the functions and requirements of this site and do not be in a hurry. I suggest that you start by posting responses to forum threads that might be of interest to you. And, please do not respond to old threads that are no longer active.

    ISC is a very friendly site and you will be guided by our members and editors as and when required. Feel free to post any doubt you have about this site as a thread in the forum section and we will help you out. As you start walking along with us, you will feel the pleasure of learning and also may find your pocket ringing in between.

    Be committed and sincere to yourself and start posting by strictly following the guidelines. All the best!

    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Thank you sir

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    Welcome to you, Mr.Alisagar. I hope your association with ISC will help you in achieving your aim of joining the site. You can spend some time as per your convenience,in reading the articles submitted in this site. They will be very helpful to you to improve your english. Similarly you can go through all sections of the site for getting acquainted with the site. Similarly you can post your experiences and knowledge in suitable threads for the use of other members. Help section is very useful to you.
    Wish you all the best.

    always confident

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    Thanks you sir

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    Welcome, Aliasgar.

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    Aliasgar warm welcome to this educational site. Being a budding student and pursuing higher classes, surely this site would be much helpful. You can search for any topic, essays, letter writing, grammar lessons and above all how to make a content with some words. Even your subject topics can be well understood with relative topics. We have ask expert section through which you can clarify all the doubts on any matter. Being a student you have immense chance to earn some decent money through this site by writing self made articles on any subject. Good heading, nice summary, good body content with your conclusion shall be reviewed and approved by the editors with cash credits and points and thus your earning spree would be started. Please be regular and participate in contests and win prizes and awards.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Welcome aliasgar on this educational site.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Aliasgar, Welcome to ISC. I appreciate your interest in improving your knowledge and English. By joining this educational site, you have shown, how responsible you are at this age and know the importance of learning to improve yourself. Good. Be positive and move ahead with this spirit. ISC is an educational site, helps in building your language skills and in your writing ability. Read regularly the posts in forum section to know how the site works. Start posting your responses to the post that interests you. If you have anything to discuss you can post it in forum section. Go through the guidelines in each section of ISC; articles, Ask Experts, job section, education and more, to familiarize with the working of the site. Adhere to the posting guidelines and start your posts. Be regular, improve your skills by participating in the competitions, group discussions that are announced in the forums. Do not worry about the mistakes. Any doubts you have would be cleared by the members and would guide you improve your skills in writing. Be active, you will learn and also you can earn pocket money, by posting in article , job and ask expert sections. Concentrate on your studies, set time limit for ISC and focus on your education which is very important as you would be appearing for the Board Examination. Wishing you all the Best

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    Thanks you to all for guidness me .

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