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    Everyday is Valentine's Day in their life

    They always fight with each other. They always find fault in each other's judgement. The man expresses doubt in her education. The woman talks nonsense about his power of calculation. They blame each other for their children's failure. They claim individual credit for the success of their children. They are a fighting couple.

    When the old man returns from the bank later than usual, the old woman waits anxiously for him. When the old man goes to the vegetable market, he purchases those vegetables which are favourite of the old woman. When the old woman falls ill, the old man himself takes her to the hospital. When the old man is unwell, the old woman, who generally doesn't go out of the house anymore, personally goes to the physician's residence to call him urgently.

    They have spent more than fifty years together. Both of them ridicule their children's celebration of Valentine's Day on 14th February. To them, everyday is Valentine's Day.
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    The concept of valentine day is a very recent addition in our culture. In olden days nobody knows this special day.

    When I read this thread, I felt very happy. It is resembling my parents behaviour. My father is 84 years and mother is 80 Years old. They are living together from 66 years. They take care of each other when they are in need. They will be always trying to find fault with each other. But they go together always anywhere. My father always says," why a separate valentine's day, Everyday is valentine's day for us ".

    We have recently celebrated their 66th marriage day. They are very reluctant for that. But we have convinced them and celebrated.

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    For the grown ups and the seasoned senior citizens every day is the valentine day as they know each other through actions and gestures and sometimes through harsh words and hurting with chiding.. Nevertheless the old age is very encouraging for the old couples as they cannot live without one another. In fact they have too much love and affection but they wont show publicly. I have seen one old man who attended the party and had the dinner and asked me to share some thing from the menu in a small parcel so that he can take the same to his aged wife. I felt happy and obliged.
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    Real Valentine day comes with caring and respecting of each other. This comes with maturity and understanding.

    Celebrating Valentine's day with flowers, gifts and cakes is not the end of day. The true love comes in sacrificing for each other and helping each other in times of difficulties.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes this is true. Everyday is valentine day for these couple. They have spent many years of life together. This is the reason they understand choices of each other. They created memories in their young age. They know goodness and evil of each other. So when one is angry other one becomes calm. If one is ill other one is always there. After spending years together they become one soul in two bodies. So they don't need to celebrate a single day to feel special.

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