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    Don't cry, but try. You will be successful

    This is the summer time. Examinations of students are over. Many are waiting for
    results. Some results are declared. Some are very happy. They got good marks. They
    got good ranks. At the same time some are crying as their results are not as expected.
    My sincere advise to them is don't cry. Please try.

    In our life we will be doing so many things. Sometimes we will get the expected results. But it may not be true always. Sometimes they may go otherway. We should not get upset and start worrying. we should understand the reason for the failure and rectify those mistakes and try
    again. Success will be ours. By changing a single letter "C" to "T" we will be successful.
    Let us try.
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    Very good and timely advice, Dr. Srinivasa. The other day I was watching a TV discussion on this subject. There was an example of an appeal made by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh to the students. You have reiterated that appeal almost with similar words in your last para. The CM also felicitated about 60 students for achieving highest scores in a function. The anchor told that it was ironical that almost a similar number of students committed suicide after finding that the results were not as per their expectations. It a pathetic situation. I wish some more progressive steps are taken to avoid such tragedies.

    "Semper Sursum"

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    Crying on the results or on our mistakes is not going to help us in any way. Crying is only a reaction. What is required in life is action - that is hard work.

    The life is full of challenges and hardships and the only way is to prepare for it with zeal and determination.

    Whether it is school education or a job in multi national company, everything demands hard work and dedication. Failures will be there. Not to deter with failures and persistently continue to do effort is the mantra for success.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Good positive words from the author for those students who are dejected and resigned from the life owing bad performance in the exams and bad marks. Nothing to worry. Every person has the intelligence to understand and perform , but some people get confused and get terribly dumb faced during exam on seeing the very question paper. What I advise them that they can attempt the easy questions and objectives first. That will reduce considerable tension and remaining they can recollect what was explained in the class and thus make out some content out of remembrance. Surely respectable marks expected.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A counselling and motivating post at the apt time.
    This is the period when results of most academic exams are being announced. There are at least a few weak hearted students who would be affected much by failure.
    For them the practical solution for their problem is what the title of the thread gives"Don't cry, but try..."
    One should learn from failures about one's mistakes and weak points and then rectify them and attempt afresh.

    We were taught about story of 'King Robert Bruce and spider' even when we were in the fifth standard. That has helped people in my generation to take failure as a normal happening.
    We should avoid failure by hard work and sincere efforts. But in spite of that if failure occurs, it is 'try again' and nothing else.

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    One should try more and more to get success.Crying is not good .After crying there is nothing in our hand.Not money
    and not honey.Trying helps in achieving success.We should try hard .Failures are pillars of success.Success is not the bed of roses. It is getting by hard labor and determination.If we determined whole -hardheartedly,we get success.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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