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    Peace should be within us. When we have inner peace, we can ensure peace around us.

    No one in this world wants confrontation, miss understanding, fighting, and above all not trusting others. Every one wants peace. But that peace must start from within. It should not a borrowed attitude. If we have peace within, our actions and attitude towards others would be also peace loving. If we behave in such a way, surely we are bound to change others perception and thus total peace is ensured with those around us. One thing is sure when peace has the majority then there is no place for violence and unrest.
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    Many of us searching many things in the outside whereas the same is inside us. It has been indirectly told in Mulla story as well in Tenaliraman story in the format of a story. An old man searching something on the road under a street light. Passerby one person asked him what was he searching. The old man replied that he was searching a gold coin he lost. The other man asked where he lost the coin, the old man replied that he lost the same in his house. The other man laughed and asked why he search the same under the street light instead of his house. He replied that the light is available only there and not in his house. Like that we are searching peace and God in outside by keeping the same inside. If we keep silent itself we can get peace otherwise, our peace will get into pieces.

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    Peace is something to be adopted by a person internally. It is an ideal state of mind. It does not come so easily as lot of thinking and self pursuation is required to attain this great characteristic?.

    A quarrelsome person will create a situation to fight and invariably put fault in system or other persons. Neither he will be peaceful nor will allow others to be.

    On the contrary a peaceful person will assess each situation meticulously before making a comment or action. He knows very well what are the moves not to be taken in order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. The interesting thing is that even in an adverse situation he will remain composed and disciplined. Only those persons can achieve this who are really peaceful from their inner self and not pretending to appear so.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is true everybody wants to live in peace and enjoy their life. But to be peaceful you have to contain your wishes by yourself. When we have more wishes we will have to struggle a lot in the life. In that pursuit we will lose our cool sometimes. So if you want to have peace of mind, you should have contentment. So this should start from our inner self only. Sometimes the others may be doing some misdeeds. We should have caliber to ignore those mistakes. For that we should have lot of patience. Without patience you can't be in peace. If we try to practice contentment and improve our patience, we can live in peace. The choice is yours.
    always confident

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