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    No single hand makes sound.

    If we claps our two hands only we can get sound otherwise with a single hand we cannot make any sound though we can wave our one hand into many times. Similarly all our activities are done by two people or persons.

    we are crying for loss in transports like bus and railways but do we care anything about ticket-less travelers who are nothing but our persons. Is there any loss in airways as the possibility of ticket less travel is nil. First of all we should not cheat the Government or others as we are nothing but cheating ourselves, that is our own brother or sister who working in that department.

    we are speaking or crying that the government is not doing this and that. But we are extending help of any type from our side, as we are not closing the running water tap in the streets even by noticing. we do not care of running fan and burning light in our office or working place where there is no person at all. In that situation how can we expect from government for intermittent water or power supply by draining ourselves.

    we are not paying our dues of electricity or tax etc., in proper manner but expecting everything from Government.
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    No single hand makes sound. This is the age old proverb and can be well connected to the happenings even in present life without the cooperation of others. For example the family cannot run without the inclusive cooperation of husband and wife. Likewise a student cannot progress well without the care and commitment from the teacher's side. A organization or the company cannot make profits without the cooperation and performance of the employees. So what I mean that life is about cooperation and performance from both sides and then only necessary results can be obtained.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very nice write up Mr. Ramachandran. It is true no single hand can make any sound.
    It is the nature of the people to find faults with others. Any two persons meet they start criticizing the government for something or other. But as a responsible citizen of this country what is that i am doing? One has to introspect himself. Why should I cheat somebody for the sake of a few rupees? This thought should come in everybody. But what I feel is the bureaucrats and politicians are to be blamed for all this mischieves. For getting a work done you have pay some money. Where from you will get. So one hand is from there and the second hand is ours. It is making sound. Either of them will have the interest for Nation.

    When you walk on the road it appears like a stream of automobiles. Cars, cars and cars everywhere. Many types of cars. Very costly cars. I doubt very much all these owners of the cars paying income tax correctly. Number of cars are more but income tax payers are very less.

    In all levels there should be an improvement. Big fish trying to eat small fish. Small fish trying to eat smaller insects. This has become the order of the day.

    always confident

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    Things can only improve when both sides contribute. It is said that good governance makes good citizen and good citizens make a country more powerful.

    So one sided effort or one hand alone is of no value till another joins it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Whatever Mr. Pattabiraman hasstated is apt in normal circumstances. But in international field, two countries, viz., Pakistan and North Korea are single-handedly creating so much sound, that the international community has become totally disgusted.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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