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    Is it good to take tablets or insulin for sugar?

    I read articles on health.
    I found one thing interesting
    Please go through

    We eat. After digestion of starch, we get glucose. Glucose travel in blood. Pancreas tests the quality of glucose. Pancreas gives insulin to Good glucose. Pancreas does not give insulin to bad glucose. Cells absorb glucose with insulin. Cells rejects bad glucose because it is not having insulin. Bad glucose runs in blood, reaches kidney , goes out of body through urine.
    Suppose we check blood or urine , we will think we are having sugar by measuring bad glucose. We will take sugar tablet. Tablet will force pancreas to give insulin to bad glucose. Once bad glucose gets insulin from pancreas, it will be absorbed by our cells. Any waste retention in body leads to disease.
    So by taking sugar tablets, we make cell to absorb bad glucose.
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    It all depends on the condition of the sugar patients. For some the sugar levels are high and even on small in take of some food, they tend to increase the sugar levels. Some have the good digestion power as they keep on eating some food at regular intervals to maintain the blood sugar. For ordinary patients tablets would do the control of sugar and maintains its tempo. But for the chronic patients it is recommended to have Insulin injections. Some patients have habituated to inject the insulin by themselves without any one help. But maintaining right diet, having regular exercise and keeping away from sweets are must.
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    This really depends of the sugar levels. But is is always advisable to manage with tablets for controlling the sugar. But going for insulin injection at the initial stages of diabetes is not required. Taking tablets, controlling diet will keep the sugar levels in control. But it is good to follow the advice of a good doctor rather than going on our own instinct.
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