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Here are the Winners of the Word puzzle contest conducted as a part of Summer activities for ISCians
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    Summer activity - Word Puzzle contest (Winners)

    Reading a forum post, swimming in the thoughts to put a write up and the hot discussions! Isn't a great summer going in ISC? Yes, it is. Thank you everyone who took time to submit their entries for Word puzzle contest. The wait is over and before announcing the results, let me provide the answers of the contest.

    There were a total of 20 questions and answers go like this:
    1. People like to walk with bare feet on warm sand (8) - Seashore

    2. What better way than to slurp or scoop it up on a hot day? (8) - Ice-cream

    3. extremely hot (9) - Scorching

    4. Delicious, super juicy summer time fruit. (10) - Watermelon

    5. Protects your eyes from sun (10) - Sunglasses

    6. Doesn't always turn out as predicted! (7) - Weather

    7. To lie out in the sun (8) - Sunbathe

    8. we need a board to dance on the waves. (4) - Surf

    9. March 21st or September 23rd (6) - Equinox

    10. People generally open it in summer evenings (7) - Windows

    11. What the holidays in May are for school & college students (8) - Vacation

    12. Fun to build this on the beach (10) - Sandcastle

    13. I rise in the east, when the sun rises in the east. I turn to the west as the sun sets off (9)
    - Sunflower

    14. Like cold wet palms (6) - Clammy

    15. Outdoor dining (8) - Alfresco

    16. Long way to go (7) - Journey

    17. We enjoy this light gentle air even on a summer day (6) - Breeze

    18. To cool one's dry mouth with a liquid (6) - Quench

    19. A common drink available with poor and rich (10) - Buttermilk

    20. Shortage of something (8) - Scarcity

    Every participant would get 5 points and 5 c.c to each correct answer. Puzzle Nos.9 and 15 have been eliminated from the contest as the no. of blanks and word count provided against them in the announcement thread were erroneously shown as less. The quiz has been evaluated for 18 questions only. However, all the participants would get 5 points and 5 cc for attempting the two questions. We have received 11 entries and here is the list of all entries and cash credits awarded to them based on the no. of correct answers (including defaults points and cc). The list is based on the timings we have received the entries.

    1. Meghana Reddy : 13 questions answered correctly ( 70 points and 70 cc)
    2. K. Mohan : 6 questions answered correctly (35 points and 35 cc)
    3. Venkiteswaran: 11 questions answered correctly (60 points and 60 cc)
    4. Juana : 17 questions answered correctly (90 points and 90 cc)
    5. Hakimuddin kuwakhedawala : 10 questions answered correctly (55 points and 55 cc)
    6. Asha Kurian: 8 questions answered correctly (45 points and 45 cc)
    7. Partha Kansabanik: 7 questions answered correctly (40 points and 40cc)
    8. Joyshree: 14 questions answered correctly (75 points and 75 cc)
    9. Sun: 13 questions answered correctly (70 points and 70 cc)
    10. Soundharya : 16 questions answered correctly (85 points and 85 cc)
    11. Naresh Kumar: (Received after closing date and entry invalid)

    And the Winner who gets Rs.100/- c.c and virtual gift of flower bouquet is Juana .

    Soundharya wins cash credit of Rs.75/- being the Runner up.

    The Consolation Prize of Rs.50/- c.c goes to Joyshree .

    Please let us know if the marks and cc allotted to you are less. Immediate action would be taken and thanks to all the participants for making time and participating in the contest.

    Members, please join me to congratulate the winners and the participants.
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    My hearty congratulations to Juana on winning the Summer activity word puzzle contest. I also congratulate the runner up prize winner Soundharya and the consolation prize winner Joyshree. I wish everyone of you to get more awards like this in future.

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    Hearty congrats to Juana for winning the summer activity contest with 17 correct answers out of twenty and also appreciation to second best performer Soundharya with 16 correct answers and Joyshree winning the special prize for 14 right answers.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulations to Ms. Juana, Ms. Soundharya and Ms. Joyshree for winning the contest.

    I congratulate myself for answering Question No. 9 correctly although the letter-count was wrong.

    There is no doubt that even if I could get another 3-4 hours I could not have won the contest, because I don't know at least two words and couldn't answerQuestion Nos. 13, 14,15.

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    My hearty congrats to the winner Juana with 17, Soundharya with 16 and Joyshree with 14. I just lost it with 13 as my correct answer Equinox could not withstand the competition to get 14 to share my joy with Joyshree. However, my answer to question 9 Equinox ( I indicated it iside the brackets as 7) knowing that it was a mistake from the quiz master.

    The quiz master should never be in a hurry to count the letters in a word. It should have been counterchecked twice or thrice before announcing or after announcing the thread to ensure its correctness.It is a 10 percent mistake which is not acceptable in ISC quiz.

    Not a bad, and also not a good quiz.

    @ People prefer to walk on the seashore not for warmness to their feet. It is because of the difficulty in walking on the sea sand with our foot wear. And also to save our footwear getting wet due to the sea waves reaching the shore.
    @ During the summer, the windows are kept open through out the day and night for the air to flow, not in the evening only.

    No life without Sun

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    "Please let us know if the marks and cc allotted to you are less. "-But how can I check? Where have these (marks & CC) been awarded?
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    You are blessed with 40 points and Rs. 40 CC. It is mentioned against your name. Compare your answers and satisfy with the results, and check the Points and CC awarded to you.

    No life without Sun

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    Mr. Sun: My question is how and where can I check whether the points and Cash Credit have been actualy awarded to me, or not.
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    Partha, the cash credits and points will be credited to your account only after giving sufficient time to the participating members to raise any clarification in this regard.
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    Congratulations Soundharya and Joyshree.

    I got the first answer wrong; I mentioned 'exercise' instead of 'seashore'. The correct answer did not cross my mind!

    Coming to the quiz, it was an interesting quiz, but errors should or could have been avoided. I almost did not participate because I could not figure out a few words, based on the incorrect word count. A little finesse please when presenting such activities. Perhaps a system where such announcements are rechecked/proof-read/edited before they are published could be made a practice. After all, such quizzes are created by the crème de la crème and a certain standard of perfection is expected. This is a more serious blunder than the 'any body' and 'anybody' error, as it called for participation. Lessons should have been learned from past mistakes.

    Equinox had me baffled – anyway I put down 'eqinox' and added a line mentioning the error and the correct spelling.

    The word count for clue no: 10 is also incorrect. The clue says 'open it', asking for a word in the 'singular' form, but the answer expected is in the 'plural' form. This was another clue that had me scratching my head.

    There was another happening which went unnoticed by members and would have boomeranged if it had been allowed. The contest date was extended until 12 May, citing poor participation. Fortunately, the update was soon deleted and the thread locked. I wonder if the invalid entry was submitted during the time the extended notice was up.

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    Please check the points and the cash credits allotted to me.

    Out of the 18 questions, I got 17 correct, which means 85 points and 85 cc.

    My answers to questions 9 & 15 were also correct, which means I should get another 5 points and 5 cc for each of them. That should bring the total to (85+10) 95 points and 95 cc.

    According to the announcement I have been given 90 points and 90 cc.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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    My hearty congratulation to mr. Juana for win price and cash on summer word puzzle contest and i also Congrates the runner up mr. Soundarya and mr. Joyshree to win cash . And other members who dont win this contest my best wishesh with him to win another contest in future . Once i Congrates to this contest winner and runner up .

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    All the three winners are ms. Not mr. You are new and do not know members so please read the responses of senior members before submitting your response. It will help you a lot.

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    My hearty congratulation to all the winners.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    My hearty congratulations to all the winners. I missed it as I have forgotten the last date. I have made the answers today I have compared them with results. 14 are correct. However lost the train this time.
    always confident

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    Like Mr. Sun I was also confused as if Equinox was the right answer , then the number within brackets was misguiding. I was going to give Equinox but it is of 7 letters. So I rechecked and rechecked. But it is quite obvious that this was an unintentional mistake. Thanks to Pranita for bringing up such an educative contest and taking care of this error so well. Many many congratulations to all the winners and participants. It was a tough fight.
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    Ms. Joyshreee: I mentioned 'Equinox' in my answer, although I immediately understood that the letter-count given in the question was not correct.
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    Congratulations to all the 3 winners - Juana, Soundharya and Joyshree and also to the other participants for giving your best to this word contest. Now it's time for another of the contests that is already halfway through and eagerly waiting for your entries. So friends take part in large numbers and put multiple (two) entries in this wonderful conversation contest. The contest is open till 21st May and you all need to hurry.
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    Congratulations to the winners Juana, Soundharya and Joyshree.

    I am happy at what I got. I have a habit of typing impromptu(then and there) and not to go back and review. That is because, I fear that if I try to review and make amends, then I may not be fully satisfied and will not even participate. So I sent whatever came to my mind immediately on seeing the contest announcement.
    Now I just compared my answers.

    I had answered Equinox. For question10 I had answered Balcony (right answer given is Windows,). I have some concurrence with Sun and Juana in this question. For 14 I gave sweaty ;For 15, I answered Barbecue. Answer to 16, I gave Startup. For 18, I answered as Gargle. 19 Buttermilk did not come to my mind immediately at all. So I sent it with blank. It was in 1 that I went totally off-way.

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    Thank you all for your feed back and we will take care of your suggestions for future contests. The points and c.c would be added to your account in a couple of days.

    @Juana ma'am,
    The two questions have been excluded from the quiz. Each participant has been awarded 5 points and 5 cc for attempting the questions. You have answered 17 questions correctly that means total of 85 Rs and 85 points have been awarded. In addition to this, 5 points and 5 cc has been added to this 85 points and cc. Therefore you can see 90 Rs and 90 cc in the announcement thread.

    Editor - ISC

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    Hearty congratulations to Juana, the winner, Soundharya, the runner-up and Joyshree, the consolation prize winner in the Summer Activity- Word Puzzle contest and also to all the participants who made an attempt and received cash rewards and points for the correct answers!

    The cc and points as announced have been duly credited to your accounts.

    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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    Congratulations to all who participated and received c.c. for their correct answers.
    It was an interesting contest but unfortunately I missed it.


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