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    How safe is our Aadhaar card, Is there any chance to invade to our data ?

    Ever Since the Modi government gave much credence to Aadhaar card for every transaction and making it compulsory to link with every approach to the government department, the citizens are duty bound to share their Aadhaar details to the authorities and now it is doubted that the privacy of Individuals can be violated with every chance of data retrieval and that would be against the National security too. The Intelligence department has advised all the government departments not to mention the Aadhaar number and thus protect the data of Individuals.
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    Recently Suvidha infoserve, Axis Bank and emudhra breached the policy of Aadhaar card and hacked it. Later it had been booked as cybercrime and charged impersonation and unauthorised authentication. But the question is the safety and security of the individuals.

    Another news is the population of Delhi is 17.7 millions. But aadhaar cards issued are 19.2 millions. How? where are the excess cards and information. Question is unanswered.

    This information I read in a newspaper where in the papers says(I am producing original the statement of the paper as it is) "the entire Aadhaar generation would be in future victims to government scrutiny, harassment and privacy threat, in a way that cannot be conceived as of now. It's a manipulation of democracy to its very core, where individual privacy is bargained for an official identity, which it itself is a very contested and arbitrary concept."

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