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    Who says age is the obstructing factor for completing studies ?

    Normally we see the students completing their SSC or Intermediate within the stipulated age between 15 and 17 and then pursue their higher studies. But for some clearing the exams up to class 12 is the herculean task. The former CM of Haryana , Om Prakash Chautala has cleared his Clas 12 exam from Tihar jail through National Institute of Open Schooling and thus become qualified at the age of 82. One must appreciate his zeal, commitment and above all interest to clear his exam even at that age. So his four year jail term so far as been put to best use.
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    At least I haven't said this! I completed my last Masters degree at an age of 43. I cleared NET in two subjects after that. Now planning to pursue PhD. How can I say this? I know an elderly person in Kolkata who completed his MPhil at an age of 76. Age is not a bar, especially in the present era of correspondence study.

    So far as Chautala is concerned, he lives as a First class prisoner enjoying many facilities and without any disturbance from his 'chamchas'. The jail is more conducive to study for him.

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    Learning is a continuous process. We will learn something or other every day.
    But studies are for getting degrees and then getting jobs. For studies there is no age problem I think. My father completed his B.A. in his 43rd year. I appeared for PGDBM in my 35th year and passed in first division. It is the interest to study that gives us the strenght to study. My neighbor is a Doctorate in Chemistry. Recently he has completed another Ph.D in Vastu Science. He is aged now about 58 years.

    Mr.Chautala is a political prisoner. It will be like a guest house to him with all facilities. However we can appreciate his interest in studies.

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    There is a wrong notion in the minds of many people that age for studying or education is only upto 30-35 and thereafter everyone is supposed to earn bread and butter.

    In fact age is no barrier for learning or education. In our mythology there are many saints who devoted their complete life to learning and writing.

    Only thing is a person should have inclination for learning. If there is no aptitude one can not acquire knowledge. Today there are tremendous facilities and sources for education from correspondence courses, internet and regular classes that one can choose as per ones convenience.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Many of us thinking like this and some feared about the other's words. Like this we are all skipping many best chances of learning or studying. Of course there was a saying in Tamil as 'Ilamaiyil Kal' which means do your education in young age itself. It is told like that because of that we should not postpone our basic education because of anything. There is also a similar saying as 'karkai nandre karkai nandre, pichchai pukinum karkai nandre' which means the basic education should be given to one even by begging. Avvayyar, a learned Tamil Poet told in one of her poem,'katrathu kai alavu, kallaathathu ulakalavu' which means the learned thing is to our fist level but unlearned is ocean level.
    I am fully support those continuing education without seeing the age as I completed my PG 20 years after my graduation without noticing other's comments as I have strong interest.

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    It is great of Mr Chautala to have thought about continuing studies in his eighties. I think it is the best use of time which one can have at his command in jail. Age, certainly, is no bar for acquiring knowledge or getting degrees. My elder brother has recently started doing Ph. D. at the age of 75. I know a person who did many M.A.s and did not stop even after retirement. He wants to remain a student throughout his lifetime.

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