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    Something to observe from your creative writing

    Dear Members,
    I wish to observe something from your own writing style. What you should do is - Simply write a small paragraph within 100 and 150 words. The subject matter can be about yourself, or about the author or about ISC. Choose to use the best normal use English vocabulary, phrases and style you have. No slang or abusive or indecent language to be used. Be throughly a gentleman or gentle lady to show case your creative writing for analysis by Sun.
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    So, I have been asked to write about the author of this thread (Mr. Sun), about ISC or about myself. What can I write about Mr. Sun? What do I know about him? So far as ISC is concerned, I don't know about all features of this interesting website. So, I must not write about it. Therefore, I have no other alternative except writing about myself. But this is really a tough task. What can be written about an average, middle-aged introvert person? Almost nothing. After completing my education in a subject about which I didn't/don't have much interest, I joined Govt. service. After changing jobs thrice, I settled in Delhi. Presently I am working in a lower/middle level Class-I position in Central Government and am presently living in Government accommodation in Delhi with my wife and daughter. My sister and her husband lives very near to my residence. My parents and younger brother (with his family) live in South Calcutta. As I have interest in various subjects, I read a lot. As I am an introvert, I think a lot. As I am bone-lazy, I write very less. That's all.
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    I don't know much about Mr.Sun. I am reading his threads and responses. He writes good English. His knowledge in English is very high. He is one of the senior most member of this site.
    He joined Indiastudychannel on 24th day of March of the year 2011. He has become Platinum member in the year 2014. He is the first person to receive a badge, "Creative" from ISC in the year 2012. He received "Debater" award from ISC in the year 2013.(This information is from this site only. Courtesy: ISC).

    He is very straightforward in putting his ideas in the threads. He will evaluate threads and gives his opinion. He encourages his juniors in this site by separately sending mails regarding their mistakes or suggestions.

    A last word about Mr.Sun. 'Sun raises in the east and sets in the west'. But This "Mr.Sun" will always be in the "center".

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    Here I want to share about India Study Channel. This website has really changed my way of living over the past 8 years and frankly speaking I have improved a lot writing wise in expressing my views on any topic being discussed and deliberated in this forum section. The exposure that we get through writing articles, raising questions in Ask Experts section,, and participating in this forum surely brings us instant recognition on the internet. If your post is good and catchy, the Google team immediately index the content and it appears first in the list of information sought. Over the period of time I have improved writing not only flawlessly but also with speed. The transparency part of ISC is the highlight and there is no other educational site which can match with the pride and ease of using and understanding like ISC.
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    Well, there isn't much to tell about myself. There isn't much I know about you or ISC either. So I guess with no choice, I'll have to expand about myself and tell you.
    Hmm, to sum up myself in one single word, I think I'm - self contradictory.
    I stand against everything I stand for.
    Still doesn't help? I always develop a complete contradiction along with the statement I actually make.
    For an example, when I see a poor beggar begging in hot sun, I pity him and I would even empty my pocket on him. But my contradictory self will be like "Just don't pity him. Life is for the strong. Let nature make a decision".
    So everyday is a constant struggle between my true and contradictory self.
    And I think I have a manic depression. I just feel an uncontrollable sorrow even though there's not much trauma worth-telling in my life.
    Other than that I'm completely normal. But I've got an immense liking for really unappropriate humor and dark jokes.
    To escape depression, I write. I'm not a good writer as you can see, but I write passionately. There aren't many friends in my life so I just mostly sit at my house reading,writing or watching stuff. I like to cook too.

    Well that's me. But I'd like to know what you finally deduced from my writing.

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