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    To learn how to written best articles?

    Hello, i dont know how to written articles , plz guide me to how i written best articles on educational subjects . Thank you.
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    Aliasgar be active in forum and improve your english. After that thing about to write article. In above thread you have made many mistakes. So first I will suggest you to be active in forum for some weeks.
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    Mr.Aliasgar, Seen your thread. You start reading the articles in the site. Try to understand properly. Use dictionary to know spellings and meanings of the words used in the articles.
    Read the threads and ask experts questions also. Wherever you get a doubt refer dictionary. Try to make your own sentences with known words and check whether the sentence is correct. This will improve your English vocabulary as well as grammar knowledge. Then you can attempt for writing articles. Simultaneously start raising new threads with proper english and grammar.

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    Mr. Alisagar: Please go through these two articles:
    (i) Good Article Writing Tips"
    (ii) India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines

    These two articles would provide you proper guidance on writing articles in ISC.

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    Our esteemed members already gave their response to this post and in this regard what I want to say that first of all stop using short cut words. In ISC we do not accept sms kind of language and for writing articles one has to write sentence with full words and proper following of grammar is very essential. You can chose any topic of your interest provided you have input of detailed information so that a good content can be made. Once the details are available, then create a good heading, summary for the article and then prepare the body content in a draft copy so that corrections if any can be made. When full article is prepared, then upload the same for approval. Please note that you will write articles on own. No copy pasting activities are allowed. So be natural in your writing to the understanding level of net users.
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    Thank you sir.

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    Aliasgar, it is welcome that you want to write articles ,and want to write good articles on education.

    What better learning opportunity than learning to write on education in ,"the most authentic education website of India, providing comprehensive information on the education system of India"?
    You have taken the first right step by joining this site as a member.

    As learning starts by observation ,interaction and clearing doubts, it is suggested that you read the various posts and articles in ISC. It is better to start reading forum posts, then responding to the forum posts where you have something to say about. You may also start a forum thread on a relevant matter on which you can get the views of other members. The experienced members may help you to correct any mistakes noticed in your posts , either by a private direct message to you or as a response in the same thread. You may take the suggestions and points in the right spirit of improving.

    Along with that (or even before that)you can read the various posting guidelines to make yourself familiar with the basic things on posing content in this site.
    Just for a lead I suggest you read some selected content topic indexed in this page

    Preferably you start with the following titled posts:
    1. Sectionwise FAQs
    2. Basic points to keep in mind when contributing to ISC
    Our language gets improved by reading, writing and reviewing more and more gradually. From your side you can take efforts of referring a good dictionary(even online dictionaries) . Whatever you write, please get it auto checked for grammar and spelling by the Word/office programmes. That will reduce much of the avoidable mistakes before posting the content. You should also compare your original and the corrected version to understand the errors and avoid them in future.

    Don't worry, ISC has many satisfied happy members who have given testimonials that their language skill and writing skill improved after joining ISC.

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