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    How Many of you aware about SEO and enhancing the Visitor

    As Indiastudy channel is one of the best learning web site, where many information is available, some of here joined for fun but stick to this site either for enjoying or for earning some extra money. But How many of you aware about how to increase visitors or traffic to your article posted or shared content? Do you follow some strategy or just leave it on the site admin to get traffic which can be bring some adsnse revenue for you.
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    I do not know about SEO but always try to particiate in contests here.
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    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process of making our website or blogger or web page appear in unpaid search results. If our web site appears in a search conducted by persons, they may open our site and see what is happening there. So visitors will increase. Then you have to think about converting visitors to your customers. This depends on how attractive your web page is? I think the clue is in making good number of keywords for your web. It may give you more results.
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    Well I am not a qualified Computer professional to explain about SEO techniques and its importance. But I am of the opinion that internet is the way of getting information on every thing and we as the content writer and content provider must give such words in the content which should be easy for the search engines to facilitate locate our content and display the same immediately to the net user. For example If I want to know about Kataka Raasi. If I start about typing starts appearing Kataka Raasi. Such is the fast grasping ability of indexing by search engines and hence we have to facilitate with ordinary and more recognizable words.
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    We are all lucky. Our Founder and Web Master Tony John is a well experienced person and is an acclaimed trainer in SEO and Digital Marketing.
    He used to conduct training in SEO matters in Bengaluru . He is a consultant in these matters.
    I n ISC Help Topics, there is a sub section SEO ( More-->Help Topics-->SEO).There are some very useful guidelines which is sufficient for a beginner article writer in ISC.

    Personally I do not know much about online content posting ,traffic , SEO etc . as I had started online content posting only after joining ISC. I post exclusively only in ISC. I did not put efforts to learn these matters.

    It is by reading the various posts and discussions appearing in ISC pages, and the correction and improvement guidelines received from editors that I am aware of some basic essentials for content posting in ISC. But I am sure I cannot have any skill or expertise in SEO etc. because I am still having the fixation of print communication and face to face communication only, as it is in my fifties that I came to ISC. Even the little bit of basic HTML also I learned from ISC only.
    That is why my contribution in article is just token level. I take safe umbrage and participate in contests to the possible extent, because I have faith and depend on ISC editors and Web Masters for the SEO oriented subjects and keywords.

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    Frankly speaking, I do not know anything about SEO. In fact, I have heard about SEO only after joing ISC. Even then I have never bothered to understand this term. I generally write because I get pleasure out of it. If some moeny is earned in the process, then I don't have any objection. But in ISC, many Members are very proficient in all these things (SEO, AdSense, Infolinks, etc.).
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    Swagatika, I think younger generation is more inclined to learn and practise techniques to enhance their visibility or even earning capacity. It is really good to remain competitive in the market and then only you can survive or earn better in the digital world. I think there is always an accidental learning as well as learning through positive results out of contributions in sites like ISC. I also think that most of the senior citizens like me would be satisfied with that. I wonder if any body has taken ISC as the main source of earning. If that is the case then there is scope for all of us to add to our knowledge and practise these techniques.

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