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    Do you feel guilty after ignoring your close friends?

    Sometimes it so happens that a person is in bad temper and is fed up with his situation. He does not like to talk to anyone and requires complete aloneness.

    During such periods even a good friend is not treated well by him and many times he simply ignores only to repent later with guilt.

    Have you gone through such thing ever in your life? What is your opinion regarding such incidents.
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    If the other person is a good friend of you, he will quite well understand your position at that time and he will not feel bad for your treatment. In fact he will help you in coming out of that mood. So he will not give chance to you to repent afterwards. He himself will try to help you to come to out of your bad mood.

    If he is not your real friend, then he may misunderstand you. Then you have to think how to bring back to your fold. Generally it happens to many of us. So when we meet and talk to our friends, we should understand their mood and act accordingly.

    I never faced any situation like that.

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    One may get annoyed or even get anger on matters of importance but that should not prolong and go to the extent of not having talking terms. Be it family or friends or even relatives, we have to forgive and forget then and there itself and move on. One of my relative as the habit of abusing all just for fun. But his attitude was not liked even by his own family members and slowly others also discarded and kept distance from him. Now he as realized his mistakes and mend his ways. He is now speaking politely and behaving well. So people change when we discard them for some days.
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    Yes, such situations are common these days. I think its completely alright if you want some alone time. However, don't put yourself in this situation for very long. If your friends are true then they will definitely understand why you need this time. Also, make sure that you don't get angry on them and control your temper during such situations. One will definitely be guilty if friends are real and true. So yeah, control your temperament!
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    Yes, one can experience guilt on ignoring a close friend. But guilt is there only because of closeness. If it is a casual acquaintance, perhaps, there won't be any guilt. And this guilt will not continue to persist only because of closeness. In our minds we understand the strength of the bond of friendship which will act as a balm to normalise the situation. So, the best way will be to contemplate on what you have done and be with your friend with open mind to salvage the situation created by your ignoring him/her. I am sure there would be reciprocation and relation will be running smoothly, thereafter.

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