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    Be on time. Otherwise miss your train for life time.

    We are all in the era of speed. We have to be very competitive. Staring from our studies to our career and every walk of our life we are facing very tough competition. In earlier days, this much competition was not there. So everybody should be on fast track. You should get ready in time and and be on time for every event and occasion. Otherwise you may miss a great opportunity.

    Trains run late. But you can't be late even for a minute. Gone train is gone. You can't bring it back.

    Same is the case in our life also. We should be punctual and plan in advance and see that we are on time.
    Are you in agreement with me?
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    I am sorry to say that many Indians have the habit of not following the time and they think that by going late or delaying they are considered more important and wanting. They are fools. A train or the plane never stops for the passenger. It has to start the onward journey irrespective of all the passengers were inside or not. Likewise some of the opportunities need fine tuning in time, otherwise the chance is lost for ever. There are many people who have turn the tap on but failed to put the bucket right beneath the tap and thus water get wasted, but they never got full water. They must learn lesson.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As for as I concerned, I never gone to railway station or Bus Stand on time or after time but I used to reach the place at least half an hour before. I never missed the train or bus due to my late. This is a lesson to us to denote the importance of availing chances by exact reach without delay.

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    In this world of cut throat competition only those persons will survive who catch their trains of opportunities in time.

    It is the age of hard work and timely performances and there is no place for late comers.

    The thread has brought out a very important aspect of life that is 'discipline' which requires timely attending of all activities.

    Knowledge is power.

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