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    How to write articles in this page

    I would like to know how I can earn money by writing articles in this page. I mean how to do it and where post an article.
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    Beatriz, a warm welcome to ISC! As a new member, I would suggest you to spare some time to understand the requirements of this site before beginning to post articles here. Read and understand the Posting Guidelines to different sections and all Help Topics and also go through a few of the earlier posts in different sections to get an idea about ISC. It would be better if you start with the forum section so that you get acquainted with the members and also the procedures. You may also like to read this article on Good Article Writing Tips.

    Ensure that you follow the guidelines strictly. Please do not use SMS language and do not post copied contents.

    ISC is a very friendly site with friendly members. We will guide you as and when you go wrong and it would be in your interest to accept mistakes and correct them.

    So, just start off! Keep contributing and earnings will follow depending on the quality and quantity of your posts and participation in different contests that are announced from time to time.

    All the best!

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    Beatriz Jimenez, Welcome to Indiastudychannel.
    You can also read the various responses posted in this thread where a similar question is asked by another (new) member.

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    Mr. Beatriz Jimenez, Welcome to India study channel. Before going for articles, go through the article already posted by different authors. That will give you a good idea about what type of articles are posted in this site. In some articles they will give some tips regarding article writing. You go through ask experts section and forum section also, This will give you a full idea about articles publishing. Help pages of this site are very useful to get complete knowledge of learning about the channel . Wish you all the best.
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    Ms. Beatriz: Welcome to ISC.
    Please go through these two articles:
    (i) Good Article Writing Tips"
    (ii) India Study Channel Article Section Posting Guidelines
    The aforestated two articles would provide you proper guidance on writing articles in ISC.

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    First of all you must have the zeal to share something to the world with your own creative writing. If that is coming forth from your mind , surely you sit down to create a good article on any subject. It can be on political turmoil, a burning social cause, or something which is bothering from your childhood and incidentally you have never expressed about the same anywhere. Churn out a nice article with good and catchy heading, a very good summary which must induce the net users to visit your content and then write a detailed body content so that your inner voice on the subject can be heard by the world. Thus after uploading in the article section wait for the editors to verity and approve the article with cash credit and points. Thus decent earning from this site is made possible with right earnest.
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