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    Why do we need to treat as a national asset that found in digging the earth at our own place?

    As we always saw on the news that if somebody found some valuable items found on digging earth they have to submit to the Government even the land belongs of our own. Why are the found items on digging earth treated as a national asset, not of our own?Was there any law regarding submitting the belongings to the archaeological department in the constitution. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Good question posed by the author. For example Hyderabad was ruled by Nizams and their presence can be felt even today with so many tombs and Minars scattered across the city. In those days there were no banks or special chests to safeguard the costly materials and statues. They used to keep in big vessels or in Telugu we call it Lenka Bindhelu, and put them inside the earth which is unknown to anybody. Over the passage of time when the wealth which was stashed inside the earth was not known and dug up for future expansion of monument or structure of old nature, surely such treasures would be found. When the Kings and Queens system was abolished and the government has asked all those to surrender to them with arms and wealth, some have done that and many preferred to stay out of country. So while digging up such treasures when cited belong to govt.
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    Mr. Bhushan, Indian Treasure Trove Act, 1878 came into force in India on 12th February, 1878. According to this act whenever any treasure exceeding in amount or value ten rupees was found, the finder shall, as soon as practicable, give to the Collector notice in writing and there were some conditions specified. This might have been amended from time to time.
    I have a personal experience of this. Long back, I was heading an Institute which was established during British Times. While constructing a wall somebody found a broken earthen pot having old coins of British Era or even earlier. Since I was conscious of the rules, I took possession of the coins and got those sealed in a bag immediately. I also informed the District Administration and passed on the sealed bag signed by the witnesses to them. Surprisingly, I was surrounded by the Press immediately after that.


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    Dr. Shukla has given a detailed and most appropriate answer. For common people like us, the simple answer is: if we purchase land, we are the owner of anything which exists above the soil. Anything found underneath is the property of the Government.
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    Once we purchase the land, we will be the own the items above the ground only . As explained Dr. Sukhdev if anything is found, we have bring it to the notice of the concerned authorities. If we want ownership, we have ask the Government to amend the existing laws.
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    Besides all the acts and rules, we should keep in our mind that anything from ground either inside or onside is not ours and it is reiterated that we should not love or have desire on the things belongs to others. whenever we love other's belongings we should keep in the mind that we should answer for the same on any occasion.

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