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    Two gazetted officers sign compulsory norm very intriguing to obtain Income certificate .

    The Telangana government is extending financial support to the parents of those students who are not financially strong to facilitate higher studies . But from this year they have put the condition that at least two state government gazetted officer must sign and recommend the application to the government so that the benefits can be transferred to the student. Here comes the big problem that identifying such officers is the cumbersome process and others wont that easily oblige to sign. Why such harsh rules are put ? Is that to avoid more beneficiaries ?
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    This is the first time that they are asking for signatures by two gazetted officers. Others are asking for only one signature. This may be to discourage people to apply. But there are many gazetted officers available. All high school head masters are gazetted officers. Lecturers of government colleges are also gazetted officers. So real people who require financial support will try hard and get the signatures.

    The policies of government will always suffer the poor only. People who are rich will somehow manage and get signatures by showing less income and get financial support.

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    This is going to prove another glaring example of Government shift towards red-tapism. I wonder how any gazetted officer will satisfy himself/herself about the financial status of a family. Would they have time to go through the records of a family or is it desirable even? Normally, such a responsibility is handled by Revenue Department. In many states it used to be a certificate from employes in case of Government employees. I think this ruling may invite some mal-practices as well. Also, this step is a departure from the present day trend of simplifying the government procedures.

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    When the Central Govt. is giving stress on self-attestation, then why does Telengana Govt. insist on attestation by two Gazetted Officers? It would cause more harrassment for applicants because from my personal experience I know that many Gazetted Officers are reluctant to attest such income certificates as they can't be absolutely sure about the income of the family of the applicant. So genuine applicants get more harrassed.
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