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    During the childhood we had the chance to stand on the shoulder of father to see God procession.....

    Every one of us had the privilege and right to stand on the shoulders of the father to have the best view of deity procession that would pass through any temple. At that time we never knew that the main God is the father. He was instrumental to bring you to the earth, he strives daily for your welfare and he suffers all humiliation and challenges just for your happiness. So next time when every you see a God's procession think of your own father and give him that regard. You need not prostrate or take his blessings but a smile would go a long way to work more for you.
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    It is like walking down the memory lane. Good old days when most of us might have experienced it in our early childhood. But people of my age have done it for the younger ones now. It was really a privilege to have that ride and be on the top to see the procession of God at that time. And now it is a privilege the other way.

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    True. Parents are the Gods we have seen. Real Gods we have never seen. But parents are visible. By the time we recognize the greatness of parents, we will become parents. Physically you may be on the shoulders of your father to have the best view of the deity during procession of deity. But each and every moment he shouldered our responsibility till we become mature enough and start earning money. So we have to think of our parents on every day when we start eating in the morning and evening. The food we are eating today is their gift only. Similarly mother is also taken care of us during our childhood and always a well wishers of us. She carried us in her body for nine months. Our association in this world with mother is 9 months more than others. That is why I am using the word Parents in place of father.
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    Yes, In my case, I never forget my father in this connection as he did many things for me, not only for me, but also all my brothers and sisters. Our city Madurai is meant for festivals almost in all months. My experience of enjoying shoulder travel is much and that period is not a forgettable. In our city the peak festival is Alagar crossing the vaigai river which comes in the month of April every year. To see the God on that day is only possible to children to enjoy on the shoulders of the father. We enjoyed much. This year also I remember the same while watching the festival in television. Yesterday also while I cross the river vaigai (I am presently at Madurai) I just remember my father and the festival.

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